Vault Hunter: Which one is yours!?

Hi everyone I was just curious as to who everyone chose as their first vault hunter and what they think the pros/cons are for that character?

I went with Moze been a huge supporter of her ever since she was first revealed. A lot of you tubers
said she only worked with explosive which i don’t get since her first upgrade on two of the classes are incendiary upgrades and they are pretty sweet! Don’t get me wrong she is largely explosive but the options are there. She has a crazy shield recharge upgrade and in my opinion the bottomless mags class is insane you get to a point where its pretty much pull the trigger and kill everything in sight its awesome she is definitely going to me a must at end game (my opinion).

honestly its just the time that you can use iron bear. The DPS is jaw dropping and you can clear out a massive amount of enemies but its so slow and it only last like 10-15 seconds and then your vulnerable for (what seems like an hour) like 3-4 minutes. I would say with the right build you can mitigate the issue but i haven’t really solved it yet.

Tell me about your character, what you love and what you think are some draw backs!

Flak. With the skill that gives you headshots only, and a good jacobs… oh yes. Flak can work really well with jacobs in two of his trees, as the skill in one tree can make you get headshots for a bit, and with the other tree, the cap skill of headshots everywhere.
However, the pets do get downed a lot, and the cooldowns of his abilities are long. not as long as moze, but 45 seconds for 3 shots is a long time. but you can remove cooldown, and shoot as much as you want with skills.

Amara. And i am seeing beyonce in her. :wink::wink:

Ended up with her as well. I guess I’m quite shallow at heart, since I went based on looks in the end. I had to choose somehow…

Moze, because most everyone else chose fl4k and I did not want to be like everyone else

Zane but he is by far the hardest to play. Right at the start you are juggling two action skills to survive.