Vault hunters don't talk to each other, except to Amara

Firstly I just want to say that I love the game and have been playing it pretty much every day since it came out. One small thing that disappoints me though is that the vault hunters don’t seem to have any personal lines to each other, except for when there’s an phasegrasping Amara in the team, they all seem to have personal lines to her (although she doesn’t say anything unique to them). Me and my boyfriend are currently getting our Zane and Fl4k through TVHM and it’d be really cool if they commented on each other’s abilities and whatnot. It’s one thing I loved in TPS, maybe it could be something to add for the future? :slight_smile:

(Or maybe the other vault hunters DO have unique lines to each other and I just missed them?)

On another kinda unrelated note that I probably should make another thread for rather than posting it here but don’t want to spam; how come Fl4k’s Jabber is the only pet that can be revived by other players?

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Because Jabbers are our ape like ancestors therefore we know enough about its anatomy to be able to revive it?:crazy_face:

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Banter between Moze and Zane about who has the best tech is now on my wishlist.


Fl4k ‘IS’ the tech :slight_smile:


I’ve put alot of thought into it in the past as my girlfriend mains Amara and my Fl4k is always thanking her. After the takedown hit me and my friend did a few two man runs, he was using Moze and I unfortunately did not have a bounty Hunter mod on. We break into the facility and I notice that I don’t have any kill skills triggered. I put away my brainstormer and start using my nighthawkin and Maggie but still can’t get much kills, then I hear my friend on the headset.
“Dude I’ve got phalanx doctrine stacked to the roof”
Obviously he didn’t have it at 99 but it had been past 20 since we massacred the ratch nest, meanwhile I had one stack of stalker, none on most dangerous game and could almost never trigger my Otto idol.
By picking off the softened targets his moze was able to become a juggernaut at the cost of me having fun, if this was a random in match making and my Fl4k was being thanked by another person’s character every 5 seconds I would have kicked them faster than I kick the flakka hex moze builds that do nothing but kill my accuracy by hiding enemies and lag me out only to deal minimum damage themselves.

I saw on reddit that voice actors were typically only brought in for 2 hour sessions once every two weeks. I guess Gearbox did not want to pay for any more voice lines beyond that.

Would it really have hurt their profits to pay for some more voice work? Perhaps DLC 1 will be an improvement, but I am not getting my hopes up.