Vault Hunters - Rank In Order of Deadliness

I’m afraid to attempr my own list.

This is only going by playable character abities, not Rid-crazy-Lilith or Jack’s Henchman Wilheml.

I still tjink Phasewalk + Daze put and keep Lilith at
Number 1 of this list.

Go to town, my friends!

then the rest in the garbled mess of balanced/weaker

So no canon stuff? 1 is Sal, because Money Shot abuse. 2 is Krieg, because Bloodsplosion and the fact that people have done no gear UVHM playthroughs with him. 3 is Timothy because of Leadership and AA abuse. 4 would be either Zer0 (Critical Ascensi0n) or Athena (Maelstrom + Tear + Omega-Senshu). I say they’re 4 because they have to work toward those levels of damage, while Sal, Krieg, and Timothy don’t. The linear scaling and skill design of BL1 makes them less abusively powerful than BL2 and TPS characters.

What the Handsome Collection has showed me is that… The dual wielders reign supreme!!!

3.Gaige(ANARCHY people!!!)

  1. Sal. Nobody is even close to his OPness
  2. Jack. +6 com to AA and he becomes ridiculous.
  3. Nisha. Her Action Skill is broken.
  4. Krieg. OP8 no weapon walkthroughs.
  5. Brick. Yes, Brick. Ajax Ogre + Blast Master Com = overkill. Not even Lilith has this extreme damage output in BL1.

So, my conclusion would be:

Strongest in BL1: Brick
Strongest in BL2: Salvador
Strongest in TPS: Jack.

1: Salvador
2: Nisha
3: Krieg
4: Athena (by rights should be over salvador, but 999 maelstrom is difficult to stack, at least if you want enemys to be alive when you finish)
5: Timothy/Jack
6: Claptrap (Only this low because of meat unicycle, which i find rather ironic given how OP krieg was)
7: Gaige
8: Zer0 (No, stacking 500+ Critical ascension is not a legitmate tactic. neither is the b0re glitch)
9: Aurelia
10: Maya
11: Wilhelm (Honestly he probably deserves higher, but its just that hes kinda dissapointing compared to the other presequel chars)
12: Axton