Vault Hunters - What's In A Name?

It seems to me that “Mercenary” or “Bounty Hunter” or sinething similiar is a more accurate name for our heroes.

I mean, who else aside from Dahl, Atlas, Patricia Tannis, the Crimson Lance, and a few others, even knew about the original Vault?

I guess rumours had spread throughout Pandora that a mysterious Vault had been discovered; but even the name “Vault” has always bothered me.

None of the three have seemed so much like a Vault so much as a Lair with a different enemy in it.

Were there any Vaults before the original BL1 vault?

What about the new Vaults discovered in BL2?

Are they Vaults?

There’s definitely nothing Eridian about them…

Just more random musings, you guys thoughts are appreciated!

Your title made me think of this.


Great article!

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As far as I know Atlas had discovered a vault, or at least Eridian artifacts, before the events of BL1. Don’t take my word for it though, I only recently reinstalled that game, haven’t played it in a good while.
And I also wondered at the absence of guardians in BL2. But the vault is definitely eridian, check out the purple markings on the stones, the statues etc.

Are the vault hunters in BL2 Vault hunters if most of them were in it to get back at Handsome Jack? And how come you cant be called a Vault Hunter by simply looking for a vault? These may not be relavent to this thread but the title makes me think of these questions.

At first they were in it to hunt vaults, but then Jack pissed them off. So technicality they are VHs.

Forgot who said it, but it was something along the lines of “Vaults can be anything”. Think it was Axton from the Holodome.