Vault Insider program SHUTTING DOWN May 18th

Gearbox just posted that they will be shutting down the Vault Insider program on May 18th, 2020, so redeem all your points by then.
They also posted a code for 10 BL3 keys


Any reason why?

Is there any good loot you can grap? I get an epic smg for the game nearly no one likes…

I shall miss it not at all.

Not unexpected. In fact, it’s going on about 2 months longer than I predicted.

I’m still redeeming points for Borderlands 1 Golden Keys :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I hope they remove the redeem rate-limit or I won’t be able to use all my points…

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There’s a lot of good stuff for Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel. For Borderlands 3 there’s no unique weapons in there, however if you haven’t gotten them yet, there’s a head and a skin for each character.

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Because it was a promotional program to get people to buy and ideally pre-order Bl3. Now that it’s been out for a few months most people who were gonna get it do already have it.
Maybe they’ll do a little promotion for the Steam release in april.

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Shame. I was hoping for some (higher level) BL3 weapons at some point, since the game’s been out for months.

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Strictly speaking it got shut down on Sept 13th…

not sure what to do with my 28k points was holding out for a >lvl 10 legendary for BL3.


I have nothing to redeem, over 26000 points wasted along with a lot of my personal time. Thanks k gearbox.

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Is the vip reward legendary maliwan gun available to every character that created? Or it is only redeemable once?

It wasn’t advertised as simply promotional. It still says its a way to celebrate borderlands fans. But in reality it was a click bait piece of nonsense to sell the game.


Same here. Looking at the site it seems the 8 heads and skins are the way to go? That totals 28,000 points so I need another 287 pts to buy them all. Maybe spin the Weaponizer once for free.

Thanks for the update… I’d been holding on to my points in case some new guns came out. Guess i’ll get the skins/heads for Moze

I too was hoping for more skins or better weapons like the other games had. Even the other games you could get the same items multiple times. But BL3 1 and done…very disappointed with that.


You can redeem it once, and scales only to level 12.


I somehow ended up with at least 3 of them. VIP was quite glitchy at some point, though.

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Why I’m not surprised?

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I’ve been collecting points and getting rewards (keys mostly) every week.
If you mean “Became pretty useless after 13 Sept” yeah, but not shut down.

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