Vault Insider program SHUTTING DOWN May 18th

then id spend all point for norfleet

Only once?! Then i better spent the point on wallpapers, thanks!

Not going lie. Gearbox just lost all opportunity with the VIP. I have about 60k and what can I do with that?

Believe me I know some or many hates if they see the VIP rewards put things like BL3 raid gear or some legendary with guarantee annointed but hearing this news I don’t see any other choice but to give this a shot.

Since it going go away and I have nothing to really spend it on I’m going lose 60k worth of points. I may play Borderlands 3 but this is just the last I ever purchase anything made by Gearbox. I don’t see they did anything that is good and if so it is outweigh by so much unnecessary nerfs they do.

sigh. Games these days are a mess.

  • Black Ops 3, I’m done with CoD franchise after the cheats and sweats going on after few years
  • Destiny 2, I’m done with Bungie after stuffs going on. PvP punishment and points loss cause teammates quitting out. Random rolls sucks and hoarding stuffs onto next season got “nerf”
  • Anthem, no need to explain. BioWare nerf the accidental legendary rate that dropping frequently and they simply don’t know what they doing with their game
  • Borderlands 3 (now), Is a fun game I ever play compare to what listed above but sadly that’s all I can say. Going have to move past GearBox even though I’ll play THC and 3 once in a while.

I think… this news got me to write out a lot and honestly I don’t want to spend points but to save up instead. I might as see what can I do…


This is largely the only reason I was maintaining a balance. When the game comes to Steam, will we not have the same shot at opening day loot and the Vault Hero weapon?

bummer.! so much potential but fails to deliver…


It’s kind of a pity as I got all of the heads but I’m going to fall short on skins. Also, as BL is a casual thing for me , I was hoping to eventually be able to be able to outfit my toons on BL2 with max OP weapons through this. (Last year, my 360 saves got corrupted without any means of restoration so I’ve been gradually playing all of the games over.)

But, overall, it’s not that big a deal.

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If you don’t mind some alternative methods (a save editor) you could restore your progress on the 360 fairly easily as long as you remember what level you were and what items you had. This way you can use the VIP points before they expire.

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@nat_zero_six hey bruv haven’t seen you around lately. How ya been?!

This was just another marketing scheme. I believe some of us discussed this back in November. The whole point was to have fans interlink social media and market the game on 2K and Gearboxes behalf. We referred friends, we shared links, we gave them hits on there news posts, we liked there YouTube Videos, all that was simply to make more noise about the game and take advantage of the more dedicated or excited fans.

That is why not a month after the game launcher VIP stopped getting codes. There was no point because the game was out and so where full reviews from A to Z. Players now knew exactly what the game was so over hyping people was now impossible.
You may not care or you may care a ton but the reality is this program was a manipulative way to generate cheap marketing via social media.
We still have Shift dispite the Golden keys being nearly pointless due to the difficulty balancing while leveling and the fact that majority of purple weapons are not viable in M3/M4. I hope they turn there post launch support around because it’s been disappointing this far.


I’m going get my news from here. Definitely going unsubscribe from them. I don’t wanna follow them or anything too. Still wish they kept it up and not shut it down.

I probably have to buy Norfleets and hope I score all elementals with it =/
and how to get that launcher isn’t easy too

If you’re short on points for all the skins you can claim 300 each week until they pull the plug. Under activities they let you re-do the social media links. Also do a quick google search for vip codes. A lot of them still work.

I’m sad this didn’t go any further, it was a great idea that got no love once the game released. I’ll be spending all my remaining 60k points on keys and BL2 weapons. sigh


Oh yeah, Gearbox, would you please remove the redemption rate limiting now? I don’t think I can spend all my points on keys (for BL1) at the one-redemption-per-week you allow now.
Would like to exit VIP with 0 points balance.


It’s all good.

I thought about “those methods” at the time but (if you were to dig up the posts from the time) I was more upset about losing all the BL2/PS heads. With Commander Lilith being dropped for free and Handsome collection on sale for $15, I decided that I’d rather just do that. (Also got BL1 at the time so that’s three games I’m redoing all the characters on) After I got all the games on Xbox One, I sold the 360 games.

For me, BL is a casual game that I play on and off (I am doing an OP run with my friend but, at 3-6 missions every two weeks, OP is a long way off.) so it really isn’t that big a deal. It was just something that I was thinking of doing if the program had still been around in a year or two. Besides, I won’t even have the points to get all the Conventional Repping skins before it all goes down.

(edit) As it stands, I’ll just take Renfried’s suggestion (Thank you, Renfried) and binge codes until I get enough for the skins (and maybe some weapons that I can redeem in May) (/edit)

But thank you for the suggestion.


Thanks for the key mate.

Way to make your fans feel like VIPs Gearbox…

Simply put, there must a serious lack of managerial competency at this company. Making a program to encourage fan engagement, having fans buy in to that program, not supporting the program adequately, and then ditching it and pretending like it was meant to be only “promotional” the whole time, it just dumb. All this did is leave a sour taste in the mouths of fans. Get some program strategic leaders already.


When VIP program first started, I claimed the 3 guns on low level characters as starter weapons. Now that my characters are mostly lvl 50-53, I would not mind claiming one of the weapons at that level, like the poison fastblast shotgun. However, although I have the points each weapon was only claimable one time then locked.

Since program is going away, it would be nice if they unlocked the 1-purchase limit on the guns so that those with the points can buy one at the high level before our points disintegrate in 3 months.

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Speculation on my part but I read somewhere that the VIP program allowed GB to collect marketing data that they would otherwise have had to pay for.

Food for thought


Aye…fool me once…

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Exactly this is why they should have been upfront about what the programs intention. Honestly I’m waiting for the cosmetic store to launch. Anyone who paid attention to the games announcement and the crap storm that was Randy Pitchford on twitter knows cosmetic Microtransactions are on the way. Heck maybe they will try and slip it in with the new DLCs announcement at Pax east. They did this with Battleborn. They said no Microtransactions then did an in game store. This time randy says no Microtransactions, and then a paul sage outs him in an interview XD.

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It’d be a PR own goal if they added MT’s in.

1: primarily because they said there wouldn’t be any
2: they put a mission in the game which ridicules the use of MT’s - so would be a touch of hypocrisy.

Again, GBX have had their full price money off me for the game and dlc.

I will not part with any further cash, unless I determine content to be worth it…and i mean it’d have to be substantial.