Vault is shot , lagging , glitching out

is any one other than me having issues trying to beat the sentinal on xbox 1 my bullets go through him , the gaurdians i hit but dont damage and if i manage to some how beat it my lefendarts drop but either fall through map or just dissappear ,it lags badlyand i play this solo as everyone just joins to nick gear and leave lol so i stay ofline
i am lvl 50 and have had 2 legendary drops both from clap trap dlc , i did get one at end of play through 1
and as for dlc clap trap loot just floats away
is any one else having theese issues
oh and no shift codes work either why is that

Do you know which version of the game you are running? A lot of those problems sound like you have a completely un-patched version. You should be on around v.1.0.3 I believe?

With the SHiFT codes, make sure you use RB/LB to change tabs when you look for the golden keys and gear rewards in Shifty Sheldon’s kiosk in Concordia.

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do you know how to find out which version youre on mate
as for codes i know how to use them mate but they always fail even the xnas sniper code failed

Not sure on XB1 - maybe @JoeKGBX knows how to check?

For the SHiFT keys, a lot of them are time-limited and will expire at a certain date. You can check here for details:

BL2 SHiFT Codes

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