Vault Keys' description doesn't show up. How to fix it?

I am playing on PS5. It only once showed on playthrough. I relaunched game, nothing happened. How can I fix it?

That’s messed up. I cannot recall if I have checked on the Vault Keys after I got our PS5.

I’ll try to remember to check it out tonight unless this gets answered before then.

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Thank you!

It’s the exact same way on series X, it’s been that way on every new character myself and my nephew have played and that’s three totally new and fresh playthroughs. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it till this post… hope someone has a notion as to what’s up as well.


I honestly don’t remember even seeing names on the podiums before. Then again, I don’t exactly hang out in Tannis’ lab.

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I checked it out last night on my PS5. Same thing. The info window comes up empty.
booooooooooooo :sob:

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It actually used to work, perhaps last patch broke it? Xbox Series S here.


I know for a fact it has been this way for myself for at least the last four months as far as I can remember. I never play with hotfixes and offline only though. But a patch breaking something never happens right?!?! :laughing:

Just fired up BL3 on my OG XB1 to see what’s going on there.

  • One podium has no visible text
  • Three podiums had visible text, but black instead of the usual white/pale blue, so next to impossible to read

Anyone still have the PS4 version running?

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I think we should write about it to support to they fix it

I suggest we should report it to support.