Vault Management

So, simple question - how do you manage your bank vault?

I play with all four characters with a slight preference for Fl4k and try to keep at least one of everything so I can play around with builds. Farm for better versions if I feel there’s a point and mileage. I’ll keep more of a particular type if it’s good, fun or different anointments for different characters.

Problem is, whilst I know I am a little heavy on artifacts and class mods, I am constantly struggling for space and for the first time ever in my close to 800 hours, am at a complete loss as to what to bin.

I’ve played with some people who have only a select few things but almost every anointment, some with constantly loads of space somehow and most like me who struggle for space. So, do you have a system and what is it? If you keep only certain gear, what are they and why those particular ones? Any other creative solutions?

Mules my friend :wink:

The legit way is to play a character untill you reach sanctuary and buy all the inventory SDU’s (leveling them to 65 gives you a bit more space)
I suggest creating the character you’re going to put the gear on (you can name them) or name them for the item you’re storing on them

Also don’t forget the wall in your room :wink: that’s a good place to store items for an other build on your main (and other stuff on your mules)

With anointments in this game, storage is a real problem… (seeing you can literally have 100 different versions of the same gun)

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The way I do it personally is completely without mules - just my 4 max-leveled VHs and their backpacks and the bank space. My approach to managing my gear is that I pick up anything useful or cool that I find and stash it in the bank. When the bank gets up to 400, I go through it and take out the “least cool” stuff and either give it to friends (if it is really cool or rare and I have no use for it) or just sell it.

I generally try to keep my bank to no more than about 80-90% full. I have way more gear than I will ever actually use anyway.

One instance of every red-texted weapon in the game is stored in the bank with the exception of Atlas (because there are few enough that it’s not a burden on that guy’s backpack) and and Eridian (because he plays specifically with gear found in the wild).

The other characters keep no weapons in their backpack - when they roll a mission, they pick four on-brand weapons from the bank to take into the field, and that’s it. When I’m done playing, I return to Sanctuary III and put them back. (As I type this, I may change this behavior - when I load a character who has no weapons loaded, the trinkets are forgotten, and I have to re-select them every time. If I leave the last used weapon set equipped, it keeps the trinket assignments, and reminds me which weapons I used last to make it easier not to use them this next round.)

This leaves the characters’ backpacks available to carry a slew of COMs, shields, grenades, and relics to fit their various builds, with room to pick stuff up while playing. The bank also has some of these non-gun items that none of the characters have yet claimed, and I’m slowly whittling these away (or keeping just to have a copy of everything; my goal is to not have anything in there but guns and collectibles). All the COMs are cleaned out, the remaining few relics are good, I’m worrking the grenades down now, but I have quite a few shields that’ll take a minute to clean. I was hoarding this stuff for people that might ask for them, but nobody was asking, so here I am throwing out a bunch of Fish Slaps, Deathless relics… I just sold a freakin’ Vindicator Ghast Call. I need to get more comfortable with this. :sweat_smile:

I have a mule from a couple level increases ago, who was keeping all my good terror-anointed gear from the first Bloody Harvest (just to make it easier to find regular stuff in the bank), but I’m probably going to drop him… terror-based builds aren’t something I’m interested in, though I do keep like four solid terror items in the bank just in case.

As I type this, there are 50 spaces available in the bank.

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I have created a few mule characters as others have said, and I name them different things depending on the loot.

“Collect em all” Is basically for the really rare weapons, funny weapons that I never use, or good anoints on terrible weapons in case they get buffed. Examples include a triple jumping grenade, Double-penetrating gratifying bologna poney, consec hits long musket, etc.

“For low level characters” is, well, really insanely good gear for low level characters in case I ever want to use them. For example, a Level 1 Shield with 200% pet terror damage, Level 1 maggie, level 11 hellwalker, level 11 thicc shield, level 10 ghast call, etc.

Finally, i have “For non-flak characters”. I only play Flak, but if I ever find some insanely good gear for other charactersm such as a x8 Monarch Cryo with SNTNL Cryo or a 300% phaseslam hellwalker, that’s where I keep them.

Hopefully, my system of gear storage helps you somewhat :slight_smile:


My bank strategy slowly evolved - at first I was putting away pretty much any legendary I came across (there were not that many in NVHM at first), and some quest rewards and rare finds to pass on to my other characters. Especially with allegiance runs it was quite helpful.

As time went by and I accumulated quite a few GR perks, the whole idea of helping other characters lost its appeal. They can do just fine by themselves with what they find/buy, especially once they enable Mayhem. So now it’s only max level items that go to the bank, while I use previous vault content to help lower level VHs with their SDUs.

I still collect rare purple drops (triple trait grenades and shields) and occasional guns I like to use - e.g. Devourer pistols, Host shotguns etc.

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They need for a way to remove old weapons from your vault instead of getting them out the hard way. A sell option would be nice in the vault itself. I hate removing something and finding out i have no space in my backpack to remove them from. It would make it easier if they did this simple function.