Vault O' skins (...and gear ...and low level stuff)

I’m looking for the vermivorous heads for all 6 characters.

I don’t have much, but I have 2 pearls (Storm and Stalker) and some legendary class mods (Reaper, Hunter, Nurse, Catalyst, and Siren)

If you wanna trade, I’d appreciate it! PSN: Sneaky_JF

Hi I was wondering if you have any rare Zero heads:coal train,G4I4h4d,razor
Skins:right angle,dark knight,whiteout,tsunami of bullets,any of the Dahl skins,flowers on your grave,pinkie has a brain,burst fire,spider bite,cyanide

Yeah I can hook you up with many of those. What is your PSN?


Is this still going

Yes it is!

Ok can I get/trade the op 8 bee and the lvl 62 leg. Hoarder mod later
I can give E tech launchers and Some of the new uvhm class mods
Also afaik pearls under level 50 are un legit pearls only come from uvhm which starts at 50

Cool, all of that sounds very good so let’s trade, what is your PSN? …Also, pealescents can be obtained below 50 but they are really rare, that’s why I’m after them. I’ve only found a Tunguska and Sawbar so far.

Add me my psn is pooptang
Also I won’t be on till about 8pm eastern time if that’s to late I’ll be on from 4pm to how ever late friday
Also where did you get the low level pearls?
Also I have a prefect lvl 50 butcher if u want it

Yes I also want that Butcher specially if it’s perfect, I think I like everything you have, so what is is that you want from me?

ps. low level pearlescents are only obtainable in Tina’s Dragon Keep campaign because of the nature of that DLC. No lower than lv 30 though.

I believe it’s prefect it has a Hyperion stock and I’m pretty sure a Hyperion grip with a sight not a scope and it is corrosive
Also I want the op 8 bee and lvl 62 leg. Hoarder com
I have a few lvl 72 e tech launchers and Maybe a crit if not I can get one for you also I can get you lvl 72 cool down rate relics

If u still have that op8 bladed grog nozzle I can give you any random pearls I have And a manly man shield

I’d be interested in that lvl61 Grog, assuming you still have it and are willing to trade.

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ok, what do you have?

Hi are you online

I am very interested my pan is Alilami04 I need pearls

If yes can you add me or give me yours plzz

I have most of the legendaries but not pearls I need pearls I can trade for conference call and the hornet and the norfleet you know I am really really interested

My PSn is Alilami04

I need the low level badabooms you have (21 & 23)! My psn:tterppa