Vault of the serpent will we ever see the monster form vault ourselfs?

as you do the story and see vault of serpent, from how monster is worded it sounds like serpent with multi heads which i would love to fight and kill myself assuming we may get chance in future content to say go back in time and maybe creature ourselfs and also hopefully save maya as well from being dusted somehow as they was rumours confirmed of more content added for next year so hopefully fighting serpent and having chance to revive maya will be in that content but what do you think of this idea ? also assuming we see rose again as well somehow as got theory on her character

I don’t think there will be resurrections. We may see characters come back as memories, ghosts, or in dreams or psychic visions though.

It seems that Vault Monsters don’t come back to life in the story canon either. They either never really died, or they are long gone. So if a Vault Monster was destroyed, it’s gone.

But Vaults should lose their power without a source so that part of the story is inconsistent.

Rose has great potential if you find a place/ way to keep her relevant in the grand scheme of things.

i mean the destroyer came back from death, so dont see why they cant bring back the serpent as saying there is vault but no monster to kill kinda made me feel like why even mention it in story as you might as well just done story and removed whole serpent vault plus key and wouldn’t made difference hardly but thats just my opinion and for characters its something gearbox could mess with and make the game interesting with a twist somehow

Have you collected and listened to all the Eridian Writings? In there they explain that in Borderlands 1 you are not fighting the Destroyer at all.

And I agree that adding the extra empty Vault doesn’t add much on the surface, but also, because of what is said in Typhon’s Logs and the Eridian Writings, it explains why Tyreen was born a Siren.

not done the side writing’s fully i think, but the destroyer made 2nd appearance possibly due to fact when bl1 was made lilith didnt know how to absorb energy from the monster after knocking it down so it would regen over time again on its own as it still had its power inside him, as also this might explain why we dont see serpent one because maybe tyreen leeched the serpent for power so it wouldnt make come back, the vault hunters are only made aware monster is fully gone once leeched of its power as tyreen showed them by leeching first vault monster infront of them, then tannis kinda picked up on how she did as guessing any siren can leech power from vault monster but only tyreen can use the power i think leeched due to her siren ability.

The “Destroyer” the VH’s fight in BL1 is actually just a small manifestation of the planet size beast. It comes out every 200 years to feed and retreat to the actual Destroyer with its sacrificial energy. This puts the Destroyer to sleep for another couple centuries until it’s ready for another snack.

About the Rose bit, I think it would neat if Rose and Scarlett had a connected past. They are both very rogue like characters with acclimation towards creatures.

there is also mystery on how maliwan got zero’s tech which is odd as hopefully they also go more into zero’s character but i got theory its somthing to do with person zer0/rhy’s are looking for as zer0 does mention “could she have something to do with it ?” , but if destroyer comes back every 200 years or so does this mean we see him again or will he be perm gone as did he die with tyreen or not is the question , but yeah you could bring back scarlett as well as she was popular in bl2 and was confirmed to still be alive as rose is still alive i think as i think she is secret maybe 7th siren as she vanishes within seconds which only siren could do by teleporting and you wouldn’t see ball appear around her due to smoke/dust in area

Please do the side logs for Typhon & Eridians, they explain the Destroyer. There is no mystery left about its past based on that. Its future is left slightly open.

It could be assumed that Tyreen only drained a small part of its power because during the battle when she goes into her invulnerable phase where you have to target the eye on her back, she says that she needs to absorb more of its power.

What we see isn’t the full Destroyer in Borderlands 3, just the results of Tyreen absorbing some of its power and becoming a literal parasite within a part of/ aspect of it.

Rose’s Mother worked with/ for “the Company” and I have a feeling we will eventually learn more about her and also Jack’s wife whose face is ripped out of the Pictures in the Jakob’s Manor.

Could they be one and the same???

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I can’t be the only one baffled by “The Company’s” use of Jakob’s posters and decor. We know that they literally had a Vault in their backyard and one could assume that is where Angel’s siren powers stemmed from.

I feel like there is a much deeper connection between the Jakob’s family and Vaults/Sirens than we have been told. I would speculate this is the reason for their reluctance to create elemental weapons.

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You shouldn’t be baffled,


is “The Company”.

When you go into the company facility that’s revealed when you take the Elevator down and learn about the New Horizons initaitive. It’s safe to assume that the Devils were brought to Gehenna from Eden-6.

Based on Rose’s age and her mother and Grandmother having worked with Devil research they account for roughly 60+ years of “Company” research on Gehenna of

Jakobs’ 300 years of existence. So New Horizons was their failed attempt to develop new tech with Core and their other gadgets & experiments.

The thing with elemental weapons is Jakobs has made them, but only for uniques from TPS forward. I can’t remember if they did in BL1, cause all revolvers are Jakobs in the games since BL1 but in BL1 most companies made them and there were plenty of elemental ones.

there is quite few mystery’s still like just what did the “the watcher” from pre sequel mean on there purpose as the war they said wasnt anything to do with jack or even the twins i think , i think its somthing to do on bigger threat like the 7th siren as its stated 7th siren is dangerous in logs (from what i can remember) and shouldn’t ever be found at all costs , but recheck logs anyway as not sure if i done them all but think i have but i expect we find bigger threat then destroyer further on down the line somehow knowing gearbox also hopefully see “the watcher” again as thats more smart and advanced guardian compared to other’s you see in how it acts and powers it has.

i think jakob’s dont do element guns much is due to they tried it, but didnt work out well enough so they went to making classic guns with no element as it makes there guns and them stand out from other gun companys as i do like jakob’s best i think out of all company’s for there guns as i like to think of there guns as “unique, simple nothing to complex and does the job” also like the maggie pistol alot myself

I wonder why the people of Gehenna refer to Jakob’s as “The Company”? There is no outside name for Dahl or Hyperion for their mining and experimentation on Pandora. Maybe this is just a local term adapted by people of Gehenna?

jakob’s was started on that planet maybe as guess and maybe thats only company people know who live on that planet as maybe they was born there as its more western type world so technology wont be known by everyone on that certain planet i think

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That was my theory as well, or at least one member be of the founding family was from there. That said, a remote barren planet would be a good place to fo experiments and not call attention to yourself and not making the name of the company well known would preserve that secrecy.

BL3 establishes that they Jakobs family was hiding huge secrets for generations, so Gehenna being a site of secret research and development fits their approach.

It keeps people away from Eden-6 and the real secret.


yeah im guessing even wainright jakob didnt know of secret facility on that planet as when he started to work for company they was on other other planet but maybe his father knew of the planet but didnt tell wainwright as didnt want him hurt or the experiments wasnt important anymore so his father didnt bring it up much to wainright as his father just focused on simple jakob fire arms and booze it seems mostly.

I’m pretty sure it’s

Montgomery Jakobs voice on the New Horizons reel that reveals “The Company”.