Vault Of The Warrior level scaling

I am still in my first play through, I played through the DLC missions (Tiny Tina’s Campaign and Campaign of Carnage) and hit level 36. I went back to the vault of the warrior to try and snag some more loot. The warrior was level 36 when I faced it and now is always level 36. What can I do to scale it to my current level which is higher than 36?

You can’t in normal mode. He’s fixed at that level now.

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Gonna need to take the plunge and go into True Vault Hunter Mode. The Warrior will be around level 50 by the end of that playthrough.

Can you explain how he jumped to level 36 though? He wasn’t that high of a level the first time I faced him

I believe that areas will scale up with you a little bit, but only to a certain point before they stop.

Cheers, thanks for the help mate