Vault symbol jewelry

If anyone is interested to know, there are now officialy licensed vault symbol pendants, keychains, and earrings available at

Anything else anyone would like to see made into jewelry?

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Oh yeah! I saw those at Phoenix Comic Con! I heard they’re gonna get a lot more stuff too, like game specific stuff too. They’re expensive but it’s pretty legit so no wonder it costs a lot.

I would like to see some character specific stuff! I hope they make some for all kinds of characters. I would love Axton themed jewelry. Not sure what it’d look like but I’m sure they would have a plan for it.

Also a Vault Symbol that’s Pre-Sequel themed! Like it has craters, looks like it was carved from the moon. I think that would look pretty cool. And a Claptrap themed… Something. Like it’s not his arms or wheel, but just his body with a gem for his eye.


Kinda like that. (Sorry it’s sloppy, it was on MS Paint and with a mouse).