Vault Trader's Alley

Hello! This game is amazing, and the people I’ve met and played with are just as amazing too and I’d like to give back to the community and share with the spoils I’ve farmed/received.

I do have a small amount of things I’m looking for and still farming for atm, but we can get to that later. On to the loot!

I am a Moze main and all these are annointed unless specified:

Sublime ASMD
Raisen Thorn
Annexed Lyuda(cryo)
Rough Rider
Stark Krakatoa(fire)
Wood Blocker (fire)
Night Hawkins
Expert ASMD(elec)
Oozing Gratifying Raisen Thorn
Hazardous Trevenator(cor)
Moar Linage(fire)
High Cap Pouncing Malak Bane(fire)
Binary Mocking Cutsman(elec)
Expert Devated(cryo)
Expert Firestorm
Firesale Musket ++
Resolute Lyuda
Cash Infused Hyper Focus XZ41(elec)
Deep Dive Face Puncher
Developing Bitch
Handsome Jackhammer(cryo)
Influenced Butcher
Adundant Krakatoa(fire)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (elec)
Compressing Storm(elec)
Hazardous Kill-o-Wisp(elec)
Stark Krakatoa
Gratifying Devil Foursum
Hostile Conference Call(fire)
Breackneck Lead Sprinkler
Compressing Superball(fire)
Dangerous Spinner(rad)
DBL Penetrating Devastator
Nuclear Dictator (rad)
Shocking AAA
Tamed Warlord
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Undending Magnificent (fire)
Speed Loadin’ Hellwalker
Dastardly Maggie
Hazardous Hellshock
Spooling Superball(fire)
Packin’ Devastator
Binary Superfluous Devated
Auditing Hyperfocus XZ41(cryo)
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun(weapon dmg 100%)
Rowan’s Call(fire)
Razrez Damned
Expert Kill-o-Wisp(elec)
The lob(rad)
Annexed Jericho
Nuclear Jericho
Iron-Willed Monocle
DBL Penetrating Laser Sploder(rad)
Turbo Frozen 10 Gallon(cryo)
I have non-annointed too

Turtle Repulsar
Contingency Nova Berner
Contraband Nova Berner
Trojan Horse Whisky Foxtrot
Stimulant Re-Charger
Health Pack Multivitamin
Rough Rider (rad/cryo resist)
Riposte Impaler(cor resist)
Big Pharma Nova Berner(fire resist)
Band of Sitorak( multiple element resists)
I also have non-annointed too so just ask

Cryo Stone Launch Pad
Cutpurse Launch Pad
Electric Slide Deathless
Electric Slide Rocket Boots
Last Stand Rocket Boots
Breaching Hot Drop
Loaded Atom Balm
Lucky Last Stand
Lustrous Beserker Rush
Lustrous Snow Drift
Precision Snow Drift
Quick Draw Snow Drift
(Added more, just ask and I’ll look to see upon request and availability)

MIRV Hex(rad)
Cloning Hex(elec/rad/cryo)
Sticky Quasar
Cloning Hunter Seeker(elec)
Large Firestorm
Singularity Firestorm
MIRV Widowmaker(elec)
Moxxi Bouncing Pair(fire)
Widowmaker (rad)
Tina’s Hippity Hopper(elec)
Epicenter (fire)
Ultra Balls
Red Queen

That’s just a few of my toons, but I also have unique legendaries and artifacts so just inquire. I also have mods, but most for Moze but plz inquire:)

As for what I’m looking for in trade, I’d like to get annointed:

transformer, diluvian firestorm, hellfire, Garcia, resolute Lyuda(fire)horizon, or the 1 chambered sniper which I can remember the name atm lol.

Psn: Skill-Explicit
Happy Farming everyone!!

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Do you have a brawler ward shield left? I have a annointed hellfire

Yes, not annointed though however

Not necessary, the 300% mele when depleted is enough :slight_smile: yould you send it to Sinsinatti? Thank you!

Definitely not a problem:) give me a moment

Sent. Enjoy!

Thanks mate! =)

Have an annointed transformer, looking at that magnificent…

Let’s swap. I’ll mail it what’s your psn? Mines Skill-Explicit


Sent. Enjoy!

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To the guy that wanted the MIRV hex/re-router, resend friend request plz. I lost your ign when cleaning out my notifications

I’d like the lasersploder if you still have them

Not sure I have any of the anointed gear you’re after, but I’m very interested in your fire Rowans call. I have tons of gear Up for offer if we can work something out!

PSN: Darth__V8er

What annointed do you have? Or class mods

-Expert Devoted 300% dmg phaseslam
-Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (effect dmg and chance after action skill)
-Hawt Pain is Power (F) ANOINTED FL4K +1 Rakk Attack charge
-Balanced Diet Big Boom Blaster ANOINTED FL4K +1 Rakk Attack Charge

Class mods:

  • Collecting Cosmic Stalker x2
  • Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator
  • Gouging Shareware DE4DEYE

ran into any shocking warlord ?

I can check for you


Sorry man, don’t have an electric variant of it.