Vault Trader's Alley

Hey is that Musket ++ Annointed? Ive been looking for one of those.

Yes it’s annointed

What’s the anointment on the fire Rowan’s call and the zoom? I have your first two wants

I ended up getting the firestorm/transformer, but ty though. 3.3x zoom
AS end 125% damage to badass/named/boss enemies

Do you happen to have any anointed SMGs for Amara that have 250%-300% Phaseslam damage buffs?? Also a Fire Stone Commander Planetoid??

Can i have the annexed Lyuda (cryo) and the rowans call? fire and cryo (if you have)
PSN : Tidus23962


Unfortunately no one either of those. But I have other planetoid artifacts:

Spark plug/ice breaker/cutpurse 2x/caustic coast

@sent friend request add n I’ll mail

thank you so much

Sent. enjoy!

Would like to get my hands on that electric binary cutsman if it’s still up for grabs.

Psn: N4shitsNgiggles

Whats the annointment on the Musket? You mind parting with it? Dont have any items on your LF unfortunately

Hey since youre a moze main, do you have a good moze bloodletter or blastmaster left over? :thinking:

PSN Sinsinatti

You wouldn’t happen to have a phasezerker mod with these roles or better, would you??


Any good Icebreaker artifacts?

PSN Kpainter11

@epanouia sorry:/ I do not


AS fire rate increase/reload increase