Vaulting Deaths

WOW. Just played with a great group of guys on Helio Advanced.

How is it that it is acceptable for you to die and your only option is to vault into the middle where you die even before you move? Person after person vaults into the middle and dies and it made the hour plus a total waste.

C’mon gearbox, there can’t be a small period where you are invulnerable upon landing? Or, something that keeps whole teams from losing when they owned the entire map up to that point.

Coordinate better? Don’t go one by one. Wait for a couple teamates if your all dead, or give anyone on the ground a chance to clear a little or draw attention .

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Were you playing a full group and all died at the part with Warlord Nix ? or Rendain right after from all the add spawns ?

Coordinate better?

If no one can safely land in the middle, and the middle is the only place to vault to, then I don’t see how coordinate better helps. You die as soon as you land, no matter which toon you are.

Immediately run to the nearest jump pad as soon as you land. No matter what character I played as I never died as soon as I landed in the middle.

The only problem I see mostly in that mission but also in any mission where there’s a lot of enemies is getting killed again as soon as you get revived. You’d think Gearbox would realize from Bolderlands how frustrating it is to get killed again the second you are revived.

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The jump pad in the centre of the spawn point that sends you to the alter is NOT the only jump pad.

If you look behind you from where you spawn when you die, you should see a hole in the wall. Look out of the hole and down and you will see two floating jump pads. One sends you to the snow platform and the other to jungle platform. I forget which is which, so you’ll have to try them to figure it out.

Th same rule stands to wait for your team (unless you know you can get the revive) before leaving the spawn point.

Hope that helps.


Holy cow! I’ve never seen those. Now I have to play Helio again and die just so I can see what you’re talking about.


Never saw that either, but usually have no trouble jumping to he middle and getting back out, either.

That was great! We just finished playing Helio and I never would have seen those extra jump pads behind the spawn point if you hadn’t pointed it out. Thanks!

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A pleasure! People helping people is what this game is all about. Or at least, that’s what I like to believe ;p

Not if you go in as a team, I’ve run into the same issue but that map you have to play as a team if you plan on winning. You have to clear each zone/island as a team and if one goes down you either need to focus the middle as a team or wait to go in with multiple teammates.

I don’t think, ‘waiting for your team’ is really a valid answer. If you’ve got people dying the last thing you want to do it to wait for everyone to consume a life, and THEN go back in. Ideally you want to rez people who are down before their timer expires, and it’s not exactly the easiest rez system to use, often it won’t register square being pressed and some large toons have tiny rez boxes.

As others have said dying as soon as rez’d really sucks, and there seems to be much more damage pumped out by certain mobs all of a sudden, meaning I’ve seen while teams wiped basically instantly, and at times I haven’t even been able to see what did it.

The most annoying this on Helio is when your team gets constantly batted off the edge, and even if you can get a rez out, often with a smaller team you end up just chain dying.

Which is why you wait for the rest of your team if a few of you are dead and it’s a difficult area. Often ends up being the difference between using 5 lives or using all your lives.

Did you read my post at all? Apparently not. Those are two totally different scenarios, with the constant knock-off being specific to one single area out of all the missions.

Also that’s a ridiculous argument for larger teams. It’s totally reliant on the situation you are in and the people you are playing with, even the heroes chosen. Sometimes that’s the only option, but often it’s nowhere near the best option and presenting it as a black and white solution to everything is just wrong, especially considering the fact that the ONLY way to get people back up once you’re out of lives is to find more and you have a very limited window to get people up.

Yes I did and while I agree that when possible you should rez on the spot (I thought that much would be obvious), there are also situations where that will lose you the game. That was my point.

Not really. I said it depends on how many are dead and the difficulty of the area. Did you read my post at all?

No you said, “Which is why you wait for the rest of your team if a few of you are dead and it’s a difficult area.” Although you did feel the need to edit it.

Let me correct it so it actually says what you apparently want it to say:

“Which is why you wait for the rest of your team if a few of you are dead and it’s a difficult area, in some situations.” - Ryballs, for those without mind reading abilities, to discover the inner meaning of his posts.

Less condescension toward others and more discussing the game instead.


Sorry if you didn’t understand my post, will try to explain myself better in future. Anyway I’m not enjoying talking to you at all so I’m going to bow out of this conversation and find a thread that is a little less poisonous…

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