Vaygr laser corvettes far too strong vs frigates and other large ships

Me and a friend was playing a mp game and he built laser vettes and just instantly wiped out kushan frigates etc in seconds and cap ships etc when he moved closer. He could have wiped everything out with just laser vettes.

Something needs to be looked at because either laser vettes are too accurate and strong or laser vs armor needs looking at alot etc.

I noticed in the files something interesting i dunno if its related. It is a comparison vs the pulsar vettes of the hgn.


StartWeaponConfig(NewWeaponType,“Gimble”,“Bullet”,“Vgr_Laser_Small”,“Normal Only”,2600,1800*1.1,0,0,0,0,1,1,0,1,2,2,0,0,260,40,0.1,“Normal”,0,0,0);



To me it reads as tho the laser corv dmg is doubled vs pulsar as in

AddWeaponResult(NewWeaponType,“Hit”,“DamageHealth”,“Target”,150,160,""); HGN Pulsar


AddWeaponResult(NewWeaponType,“Hit”,“DamageHealth”,“Target”,350,350,""); VGR Laser

The 350,350 i assume is to do with damage.

Also i notice the pulsar has more set accuracy like frigate etc vs the vgrs laser weapon. So i am not sure but could the lack of these additional accuracy entries in the laser weapon cause the laser to bypass penetration and deal maximum damage as if it was attacking say a frigate with no armor?

Can a dev like @Jeffybug please pop by and explain the laser covettes massive killing power.

You cant really compare those vettes, they have diferent roles, pulsar is anti-corvette ship and lasers are anti-capital ship.

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Laser vettes are practically anti-everything, They kill frigates faster than anything else in the game, they also kill other corvettes, very well. I think they are a little too good at it. Homeworld 1 factions stand less of a chance to counter them, fully upgraded they are too strong.

Also, pulsar being the only anti-vette role can counter a player using those, however they will kill corvettes extremely quick as well.

I played a game yesterday as Vaygr, I had a massive blob of assault craft, missile corvettes and laser corvettes, and I was utterly destroying everything on the board.

Until a kushan player built two missile destroyers and a swarm of interceptors, that ripped me to bits.

Only counter to Vaygr corvette spam is mass interceptors, which don’t work quite so well if the vay player builds assault frigates.

or get a few scouts with EMP.

As Taiidan? :confused:

I mean if the vaygr player get EMP against you.
As Tai i would suggest a grav =)

Grav wells don’t work on Vay corvs.

^^ and they should, I would very much like to see this introduced, it needs to be a thing

I hope it is a bug, that makes no sense

It is a bug.

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Try going after that with exclusive laser vettes, and assault craft fully upgraded. those missile destroyers would die like pop corn

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With 12 squadrons of laser vettes, they took a lot of damage, but the interceptors cut me to ribbons. I had 8 squadrons of assault craft too

I play with high unit cap, so that probably contributes to it, I had 25 laser corvette squadrons, and they were near unstoppable. Interceptors don’t seem that strong, squadrons of assault craft with full upgrades tear them apart, they are faster. Usually when I’m playing with the normal cap, I’d have 12 laser vette, and stick with assault craft, the high count should be what, 18? or so. you always want to keep that many squadrons out. I used to rush back in homeworld 2 classic days with Vaygr, but I’m tired of rushing, I like longer games, hence the high unit cap setting I use now.

I’ll have to test normal cap to compare, I’ll see what I can find.

Hey all. Thanks for the info on Vaygr laser corvettes. I’ll pass this along to the team to check out!

I remember that the Vagyr Laser Corvettes used to get a lot of ‘OP’ complaints back when HW2 was released. They have counters…unfortunately, frigates/carriers are not one of them. Even Destroyers can take some serious damage from a swarm.

Of course, pulsar corvettes, lancer fighters, fighters, Missile Destroyers can all do a number on them pretty quickly.

^This, they are counterable, not unstoppable. I just think it’s a case of Laser 'vettes counter way too much for very few resists in return