Vaygr Missle Vettes are immune to gravewell?

I just had a 3v3 match against 2 tiiadian and a vaygr. The tiiadian rushed a gravwell and the vaygr just built missile vettes. Now as i understand when they turn on the gravwell all the fighters and vettes are stopped. The only thing i remember is that salvage corvettes are the only functioning vettes that can go into the gravwelll. Not this case the missile corvettes were fully functional while my heavy vettes were still hanging there useless getting destroyed by the vaygr corvettes. I feel that it is totally unbalanced a should be looked into. Thank you.

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It is a bug, they gonna fix it.
And about salvage corvettes i know that they were functional with grav on in HW1, but now they are stopped, not sure if it is also a bug or if it was intended.

Well, this would be unfair for balancing the 2 races. Marine/infiltration frigs don’t have this issue PLUS they don’t need to haul those big ass ships to the mothership/carrier.


Mothership. Another bug (at least it was, haven’t tested since patch) is all ships have to go to the Mothership instead of just super caps.


Just played a Multiplayer game; can confirm that Salvage Corvettes aren’t affected by the gravity well. Wasn’t aware that this might be intended. I just thought it was an infuriating bug that was going to be patched!

Edit: Oh my god. If this is intended, then any 1v1 with both HW1 Races is going to turn into an endless gravity well & salvage rush until HW1 Frigates get fixed and learn how to orient their weapons at their targets. Holy ■■■■. You’ll literally have NO defense against salvage corvettes that can come out in time to matter haha. None of your strike craft can do anything, and you’re Frigates will never kill the vettes before they latch on. Oh my god. Holy ■■■■. Hahaha wow

Edit 2: Trying to brainstorm counters. What could you do? Kamikazi your harvesters into the gravity well? Would that even be worth it or would you be hopelessly behind at that point anyway? Salvage their salvage corvettes? Wait, no, that’s just you salvaging them salvaging you salvaging them salvaging …

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Salave Vetts are stopped before they are leached on to a capital ship. But once they are on, they move. I rationalize this as them overpowering the leached ship’s engines and using that to get away.

that was a key strategy in hw1. If some1 jumped right to your mothership you turn on your gravewell and they got stuck in hyperspace so you can salvage your capital ships.

Salvage your own capitals? I’m not understanding something there.

As someone who has attemped this a few times, it’s not as easy as you make it sound. To get to salvage vets and gravwells is 4 techs plus the time it takes to build enough salvage vets, they take 35 seconds per unit, so even double building and launch docking from the carrier to MS is over 2 minutes of build time to prep for 6. I forget the exact time to prep everything, but with vet drive, vet chassis, cap drive, gravwell research build time and the spare 500+ RU to jump, you probably won’t see this execution before 6 minutes, probably closer to 8. This gives you plenty of time to get an inhibitor up. Also if the HW1 player tech’s straight to this you’ve only researched a single combat unit (light vets) with assault frigs another two + minutes away.

The viable tactic I’ve pulled off a few times was owning a carrier resourcing op relitivly early, and I almost capped a SY and BC from a BC rusher even with his inhibitor up, but the game ended with him saying “thanks for bringing your MS to my battle cruiser”