Vaygr needs PING!

Some players will jump to a remote spot on the map with a cloak once they are losing in multiplayer games. Then they will just hide and wait until enemy players rage quit = victory!!!

With Hiigarans, Kushan or Taiidan, you can use PING to find them (even if they spam cloak, they will eventually uncloak due to lack of cloak energy or personal exhaustion). However, the Vaygr CAN’T!

I’ve played as Vaygr and been denied victory because I have nothing comparable to PING. The limit on Prox Probes is so small = you would have to get extremely lucky to find the hiding enemy!

To Devs: Any chance on giving the Vaygr PING as well? I would be just as happy if you made it a Sensor Array like the HW1 races…

If you scared them into a remote corner of the Galaxy, you won! You need to actually kill them? What kind of genesidal psychopath are you??

…the good kind?

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I mean, for real. What do you think is going to happen? That they will somehow find the wreckage of their ship 2000 years from now, redevelop hyperspace and come back looking to conquer you? Pffft.


Ya Vaygr needs ping to deal with player bad manners as described above. This is basically the only time that ping is used rather than scouting/probing, and obvously its very annoying for Vaygr players who dont have it.

LOL, that’s funny…

I am guilty of this. Sometimes I like to make the other player work for their victory. I enjoy sending squads of bombers out infrequently to kill a collector there or a module here. It is guerrilla warfare in space and I enjoy it immensely at times. What is more important to me are players reactions. A lot of the time, people are just like “Hey, can we end this?” and I oblige. Infrequently, there are players that are just rude, so I am unresponsive and will continue to play until my last ru. It’s good to know the rude players from the polite ones. Manners count for a lot and are free of charge.

But seriously, there aren’t stats in this game, so what does it matter? Once you know you’ve won, you’ve pretty much won.

All true! You yourself have pulled ‘hide and seek’ on me and my teammates. Of course, you certainly weren’t rude about it. You explained that you wanted us to work for our victory, but without any taunts or bad manners. If I recall, one of my teammates was a bit upset…

We had a Hiigaran Teammate research Ping and found you = all was well! But what if we were only Vaygr = the game could have dragged on for hours!

Why should all the races EXCEPT Vaygr get PING?

Yeah, lucky, I was a bit off on my cloaking.

After talking to a friend about it, I have decided not to do it any longer. I don’t want to upset people and it can easily come off as annoying.

I’ll just save my guerrilla warfare for when I am in the mood or when people are just jerks. Fun, Fun.

How do you guys keep randomly finding each other on the forum? I’ve never played with any of you. It has to be the timezone.

ratamaq you’re too witty PLSNERFCANTBREATHE :laughing:.

I’m in EST.

EST for me as well…makes sense why I’ve played you a bunch of times.

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Yeah. Vaygr needs ping ASAP.

I used a community patch (1.217 I think) in HW2, where the command corvs had the ping for the Vaygr. Made sense.

For the sake of balance, this should be done for the scouts for both sides.

BTW I’m CET timezone so… might not be familiar with me.

I really like the Command Corvette idea. Giving it to them would keep it rarer, asymmetrical and it fits them amazingly.


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Alright, I like the Command Corvette PING idea too!

Wouldn’t it be nicer if probes sensor range was adjusted based on map size?

Like 5 probes should always give you around the vision you get on most of the 3 player maps I think. It should scale smaller on maps like Shield and much much larger on the larger maps.

You get an issue I guess where it’s harder to find the probe that sees your MS on larger maps, but meh. Advanced sensors or drop your own probe right around there and FF it.

Part of the fun of bigger maps is the greater ‘fog of war’ it provides = I don’t want more powerful probes for the bigger maps!

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Eh, well perhaps it shouldn’t scale linearly with size, but it’s rather ridiculous how little coverage you get on anything larger than a small-medium size map.

You can kill probes, after all.

A lot of why you get such stale gameplay on large maps isn’t just the distance, it’s because people are afraid of the dark. It’s far far easier to make game ending mistakes with the reduced vision.

In my opinion, the only way that it would work is if the Proximity Sensor Probe was changed to just be a generic ship. The fact that it’s a probe means it can’t be moved and that reduces its usefulness considerably, as you need to spam probes just to find someone.

It would be better if it was changed to just be a Proximity Sensor, like it was in HW1 Classic and could be moved everywhere with no necessity to build loads of them: that would then make it viable for the Vaygr imo (considering that they don’t even bother with the Proximity/Sensor Distortion probes in Single Player, nor even on the Multiplayer, it would make sense).