Vaygr Strike Craft Kamikaze needs to be fixed (disregard, patch fixed it)

I just played a 1v1 wherein the enemy Vaygr player sent in 2 strike craft squads into my carrier and it instantly exploded. Yup, just two strike crafts. Upon further testing you can kill a mothership with just 4 strike crafts. It appears to be only a Vaygr issue, I tested it with all other races and it doesn’t seem to work for them.

This is game breaking, needs to be patched asap.

It was just patched and it fixed just this. When did you play that game, as it should have been fixed by today when the patch came out.

Ah ok, yeah I played last night.

Even if the patch didn’t fix it, there’s already been a lot of threads saying the EXACT same thing.

Yes, please keep replying and bumping the topic to the top even after I’ve admitted my mistake.