VC Challenge Rewards

Couldn’t find anything about this, but how much eridium are we now getting for completing these challenges? Cause somehow it looked like for every 50 kills with an AR for the 250 kills weekly challenge I got 150 eridium. Is that correct??

Wait now for the 150th kill of the weekly challenge I even got 300 eridium!! What’s happnin?

You get 50 eridium for each completed daily challenge and 500 for weekly challenges.

Dude seriously, I did the AR weekly just now and got 150 on 50, 150 on 100, 300 on 150, 0 on 200 and 500 on 250.
I’ll keep an eye on it going forward to see how consistent this is.

That’s weird, I only get eridium upon completion of a challenge. Sounds like another bug but looks like it’s working out in your favor.

Is it affected by MH level (e.g. as 11 gets half in general maybe people who normally play on 11 were on 10 due to the recent Maurice head challenge)?

I just wish eridium would disappear from VC chests. such a waste of a chest given how easy it is to get eridium in general.

Mayhem levels doesn’t seem to affect the amount for me. I usually play on 10/11 but I drop to Mayhem 0 to do any of the vehicle dailies and I get 50 either way. Weeklies could be different but I haven’t paid that close attention to notice.

I actually kinda like the 500 eridium. What I hate is when a weapon from Maurices vendor pops up. Got two f*in shocking AAA instead of anything useful yesterday.

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Anyone else have bugged challenges since VC3 dropped?

I log in today and all my challenges from VC1 and VC2 for the day are already done even though I haven’t logged in to do them before just now…

Happened again. Same amounts. This time maliwan kills. Seriously nobody getting eridium for weekly challenge stages? Or did just nobody really notice so far?

I have been watching closely as I do the Maliwan weapon and AR kills. So far, I have not received any eridium for either one in stages, as you are seeing. The Maliwan challenge I am at 102 and the AR I am at 143. Are you on PS4?

Yes ps4.

Just fired BL3 back up and hit 150 on the AR challenge. This time I received 300 eridium. Not sure what changed but I wasn’t getting any for milestones last night. I specifically got a couple extra Maliwan kills to break 100 last night and received no eridium. I will have to see if my milestones going forward match up with yours.

Damn, I did change my Amara from M11 to M10 before I jumped off last night. Wonder if that was the difference? Are you on M10?

Nope. M11.

M11 does not get reduced rewards compared to M10 in spite of what it says on the card. Chalk it up as one of many, many things in the BL franchise that don’t match what Gearbox tells us.