Vehicle combat easier than before

Is it just me, or is vehicle combat easier in BL3 than in the previous installments?
On-level enemy vehicles don’t do a lot of damage, you have plenty of time to kill 'em or drive away.

And the hijack mechanic seems to cause enemy vehicles to stop longer so you can get to them and hijack.
Also, hijack takes one button press. I thought it might be something like a rapid-fire button mashing to beat the driver into submission, but no, just one tap of the button and you’ve got the car.

I also find the little easter egg in hijacking fun. When you hijack, the driver gives off a Wilhelm scream, which is a nice tip of the hat to that 70 year meme.
If you don’t know, the Wilhelm scream is a movie sound effect that has been used in many many action movies since the 1950’s. You have heard it many times, even if you don’t know it. Here’s a YouTube vid of a compilation of Wilhelm screams over the years.