Vehicle Customization unlocks per character?

I’m loving the vehicle customization system. Collecting all the options is giving me extra incentive to hop out of my vehicle and try to hijack bandits. I’m also loving that all players in multiplayer get credit for the unlocks.

One thing I’m disappointed about though is that these unlocks appear to be per character, not profile wide (how I believe all customization options were in prior games, correct me if I’m wrong…).

I get that certain unlocks need to be depend on character progress in the story, but it would be nice if the unlocks that aren’t mission-based were unlockable profile wide.


I’d rather they reset all the crew challenges, even on a playthrough to playthrough basis, honestly.
If you want a lyuda right now for instance and you’ve already gotten one from zer0, you have to not only complete all assassinations again but you have to create a new character and get them to level 50 and completely through the story to do so. Once per character is far too little chance, considering there’s 5 different elements to acquire.
I understand you’re talking about vehicle parts, but those are tied to crew challenges and I’d imagine they can’t reset some of those and leave the others alone.


I haven’t gotten far enough to know what challenges you’re talking about, but I can understand how that’d be frustrating.

What is or isn’t possible really depends on how they’re tracking things on a per character or per profile level… but it should be reasonable to allow us to keep certain profile wide customization unlocks (they already do with character and gun customizations) and allow challenges to be repeated while keeping rewards from prior challenge runs.

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I don’t believe this is intentional as character heads and skins are account-wide. Probably they’re treated as vehicle parts right now. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

I really hope they do something to make the non-story, non-challenge vehicle part unlocks profile wide like the character customization and room decorations are.

I’ve only seen two Maliwan Hover Outrunners spawn for me, neither of them on my “main” character who I’m running through the story with my partner. I want those wheels on my main… I’m the designated driver and it’s killing me not having the same random spawn parts unlocked across all characters.

I’m just sitting in Meridian Metroplex right now waiting for one to spawn and drive by… ugh…

Outrunners with hover wheels spawn pretty often on nekrotafeyo in desolation edge. Maybe try it there.

Sadly not an option at this time… at least not for the character in question. I can’t progress the story ahead of my partner.

I got all the vehicle parts except the Monster wheels (which I think are bugged). I really do wish they were cross-character because unlocking some of them was a pain.

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