Vehicle Paintjobs

I’m having trouble unlocking the paintjobs. I know there are several that I need to unlock by hijacking cars, but I’m wondering if you guys have any tricks to make it easier.

The only ones I have trouble with are the large technicals, because enemies basically kill it before I can get away (so I have to hop in to scatter them, hop back out so they stop firing on the vehicle, take 'em out without damaging the vehicle or dying myself, and then make my getaway).

The others I find easy enough with a Snowdrift relic… slide at 'em, and if the ball hits/freezes them, it’ll slow them down (and you’re already coming at them at high speed). Come at them directly from the side and spam the use button.


With Tesla Coil you can easily kill all enemies inside and grab empty vehicle.

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The coil doesn’t hurt the vehicle?

It does, but you kill enemies faster than vehicle. Of course recommended difficulty for farming is without Mayhem but even on M4 (old one) it worked pretty well.


The biggest problem I’ve had with the technical is that you can apparently only hijack on the driver’s side door. All the others, you can attack from either side.

@GrzesPL - good tip!