Vehicle Respawn Question

Hello guys,

When I first use a catch-a-ride station (selecting the option to “respawn vehicle”) upon entering the game, my vehicle deaults to original specs. To “fix” this, I have to use the menu system within the catch-a-ride station and respec. Am I missing something? Can’t I simply spawn the last configuration?

Oh, I should clarify. The only thing the game doesn’t save is the colour/paint job. Everything else - guns, wheeels, etc. are the loaded correctly.

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Nah. Same issue BL1 & 2 had, can’t remember a simple thing like car configuration between launches.

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Thanks, Raven

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I’ve seen this post more than once here, and I’m not quite sure what the failure mode is. Is the game forgetting your selected vehicle every time you visit a Catch a Ride, or whenever you start a new game?

Hey. When I first load into the game and try to spawn my vehicle, the game always spawns the default spec/skin. To get the vehicle specs I want, I need to use the menu system in the catch-a-ride.

Are you playing Amara by chance?

Yeah, that’s weird. (I mean, in the scale of things amiss in the game, this isn’t that big, but I’m definitely not experiencing that).

Hello cailte. No, I’m, playing Moze.

I’ve experienced this, but only in DLC2. Once I left the DLC and reset my vehicle it worked fine and loaded in correctly each time. Haven’t had a problem since.

Hmm. I have had the same problem, but only on my Amara character, all of my eight Moze’s are fine. No correlation there then.

One of my character vehicle loadout is bugged. To start she (Siren) have 4 loadouts. :man_shrugging: The outrunner wont save no matter on wich slot I try it. Sometime it will spawn correctly on respawn. Other time she end up with all default settings. Real pain.
With another having the “red chest clock bug” that’s 2 out of 8 VH bugged. :expressionless:

Gehenna? I do think I recall experiencing this, but I ride vehicles there so rarely outside of story campaigns that I my have forgotten. I’ll check today.

No, Xylorgos. I was doing some side mission and all of a sudden my vehicle started spawning as default. Went to the droughts and re-customized and it fixed it.

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That’s an idea. I’ll head over to the Droughts, respec, and see what happens then.

Edit: Nope. Still, when I select to respawn vehicle, the default is spawned.