Vehicles are awful at endgame

Ever since December of last year Vehicals HP seems to scale up based on Mayhem difficulty. The way this has been handled just absolutely confuses me.

So upon reaching Level 50 players will no doubt notice in TVHM without Mayhem mode enabled the vehicals are extremely fragile against any enemy not in a vehical. An enemy DOTing your vehical pretty much means the vehical is toast. This is extremely trusting when attempting to Hijack an enemy to get parts or skins which are more elusive while leveling up.

Now when enabling Mayhem mode you will notice the HP of ALL vehicals friendly and otherwise is increased dramatically per Mayhem level. A vehical which formerly had around 30k Armor now has over 150k. This presents us with a few problems.

The first is Vehical on Vehical damage. Vehical damage dose not change per Mayhem level. As anyone can tell you vehical on vehical damage was never an issue until now. Honestly at level 50 without Mayhem mode on it is still fine. The problem is vehical take a very long time to kill with other vehicals on Mayhem 3 or 4. Instead if you want to kill then you get our of your car or bike and shoot them with your gun. Vehical damage needs to be re balanced based as it is with everything having so much HP.

The second issue is on non Mayhem mode level 50 play. DOTs or enemies on foot with guns still destroy your car in seconds… why was the HP scaling done per Mayhem mode and not just done to level 50 vehicals? Right now we have two ways vehical gameplay is broken between all the levels of end game.

I’m honestly struggling to understand any reasoning behind this change. The only thing I can think off is that because vehical are secondary entities and due to the fact that Vault Hunters can steal cars they need both ally and enemy vehicals to have the same HP values. The thing is outside of modifiers enemies don’t actually do more damage per Mayhem level.

In my mind the solution would be to have vehicals HP and damage balanced around combat with one another and make non vehical enemies do less damage to vehicals.

I understand this is likely something that is neck deep on programming issues but it dose detract alot from a TVHM playthrough at max level if your the kind of person who wants to collect parts and skins for vehical.