Vehicles clipping under map after ramming king spider ant

I have tried restarting the game, but it is still happening, making vehicles unusable. Any ideas on how to solve this?

It is only happening in the dust, and only for my character that rammed the king spider ant, but I would like to pilot vehicles in the dust and I am planning on the character being my main character.

Not sure I’ve ever literally run into a king spiderant, but I’ve routinely squished plenty of the smaller ones. Unfortunately, the underlying game engine is old and a bit wonky at times with collision glitches like that. It’s not going to get fixed this late in the day, especially with GBX having transitioned from UE3 to UE4. The best thing to do is simply not ram that one type of spiderant.

BTW If you want to get really creative with your vehicle, there’s at least one off-map glitch you can do with a runner on The Dust - check out YouTube for details.

Oh, you can also get vehicles to fly simply by driving into terrain - check out at 1:30+

I have a better one somewhere.