Vehicles got buffed

They are still useless… Low armor…awful damage, elements demolish their use as a vehicle.

How can you make guns and shields that are stronger than what can be mounted on a vehicle. Ellie can do way better than what we are getting… Scooter is rolling over in his grave with the state of vehicles in this game


This is why I have never spent one point on ‘vehicle damage’, they’re useless.


I almost always get out of the vehicle to destroy other vehicles, it’s SO much faster :grin:


Point A to point B for me. Otherwise useless.

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Starting to wonder if it’s an issue with them trying to buff the vehicles and buffing the enemy vehicles at the same time. Kinda like how some enemies are currently carrying around mayhem 10 gear.

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This could be a potential problem.
I think the DMG values and the armor is set on a base value doesn’t matter if you’re driving the vehicle or an enemy.

Tho I did not do the math for this hypothesis. So please leave the pitchforks at home if am wrong :stuck_out_tongue: