Vehicles Pathetically Weak Since Last Patch

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? Like I get you don’t want people just camping in a vehicle and cheesing everything, but since the last patch it seems like vehicles have returned to an utterly worthless state. Handling has gone from bad to making Halo Warthog controls look like a golden child for how to program driving mechanics. Armor what’s that? The faintest scratch seems to drain 15-50% health depending on what hits you making mayhem a nightmare for the driving portions or tedious as you have to hop out every .07 seconds to clean out every mob. And if there is an elemental weapon calypso help you as the status effect is applied almost 100% of the time. Not sure if this is another bug in which case let’s start the call out or if on purpose. If this is on purpose…really guys really? I don’t expect flawless controls or to face tank rockets but can we at least discuss working on restoring some of the mayhem durability maybe please?

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It wasn’t even a patch! Where’s all the big work at!

I noticed the same - in Sinister Sounds quest for DLC2 you are supposed to run down few bandits in your car. I’m only at M4 and they were pretty unkillable, while destroying my vehicle with ease.

I mean, I’m in freaking car, ramming them, sending bodies flying - and not much happens to their health bar. Feels wrong, don’t remember vehicles being that squishy.


That’s not new, vehicle damage don’t scale with mayhem, I remember when I did this sinister sound quest a long time ago in m10 because it was a tedium. I had first to go on foot and whittle down bandits life to a tiny fraction and then I took the car to finish them off, still had to ran them over several times at full speed and it was a specially selected car with all the parts to crush people :rofl:


I just switched Mayhem off for this quest. Even then it wasn’t easy but I was in a cyclone so that was on me. Seeing the bandits dive out of the way was funny though. Didn’t know they could react that way! XD