Vehicles ... when will the saves be fixed?

I was playing Moze today, clearing challenges and such on Pandora today.
Having been in DLC3 so long and other non-vehicle places, it was a bit of a shock to find vehicle saves are still messed up.
This all started back at the Cartel event and MH2.0 release.

Any of my saved vehicles disappeared back then. Any place (with the exception of DLC3), any time you use a vehicle, leave it or it gets destroyed, at the catch a ride selecting the last used vehicle brings a generic plain outrunner.

You change the armor, tires, etc on it, save it, it will not be there the next time you go to a catch a ride.

I find it pretty ridiculous this problem still exists. There have been a couple of real patches as well as a multitude of hot fixes since this first started, yet for regular world vehicles we are still screwed.

Just hoping this gets addressed soon. Occasionally I do like to run around in the vehicles…


I haven’t experienced that bug. What I get is when playing co-op, if I’m not hosting, the game won’t save my vehicle selections, if I change the default.

For example: I spawn a vehicle using the respawn option (and get the one in slot 1). I go to change that, spawn the new vehicle, say from slot 3. Next time I go to respawn a vehicle, it reverts to slot 1. I don’t remember when this started, but I don’t think it was always like that.

Something you can try, is a complete reinstall. It’s annoying and we shouldn’t have to do it, but it does seem to help clear up some issues. Otherwise, don’t hold your breath.

Yeah, it’s still buggy. Here’s a video I made a while ago. Some of my characters have more than 3 vehicle loadout slots.