Veins Of Helios: Jump For Joy/Thrill Seeker Challenge & Navigation Guide

(Nikolaii) #1

Here’s a crappy MS Paint guide on the jump pads in the Veins Of Helios (awesome name by the way). The jump pads are colour coded for the blue and green variants of jump pads.

-The bending arrow in the center takes you to the platform directly above it.
-The arrow pointing to nothing actually points to a walkable construction beam that wasn’t put into the map.
-All distances are based on stepping onto the jump pad without moving or slamming at all.
-The red line shows a tunnel running beneath the main building, with entrances on either side and a hole you can grenade jump through in the middle. Though I believe this requires the Quarantine missions done (may be wrong about that).

(Is this thing on?) #2

Wish I’d had that map when I was first trying to do the eradicate side mission. Don’t know how many times I took the long way down going the wrong way…


Do you think it’s a good map to add the secret tunnel?

(Is this thing on?) #4

The what? Don’t tell me I’ve missed out on something else as well!


There’s a tunnel that cuts past some of the enemies in the interiors of this level. I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows about it…but I’m not going to spoil it for you here.

(Is this thing on?) #6

That’s OK. I generally like chewing everything up, so avoiding enemies is not what I do. Should I ever feel the need to do so, however, I can probably figure it out one way or another!

(fabio) #7

Never found it. it isn’t really spoiler.

(Nikolaii) #8

Of course! I’ll get right on that

(Aaron Harding) #9

Thank you! This map was a nightmare the first time I had to complete the mission. I couldn’t find that exit for ages!

(Russell) #10

I never found that tunnel. Not that I am every trying to avoid enemies, as I usually need the XP.