Vending Machine Grenades only level 50 - 52?

It has been a good while since I last played Borderlands classic and I’ve forgotten a lot about the game. Close to being finished with Playthrough 2 when I noticed something rather odd. Grenade vending machines in the base game and DLCs only go up to level 52.

Is this a bug or did I not do something I was supposed to?

Thanks in advance!

No, I think a large majority or all of the vanilla vendors don’t go up to Lv69. However, I know that you can find max level vendors in the DLCs. I don’t think all of them go all the way up.

The set by Craw’s entrance and Moxxi’s vendors are Lv69 though, I just use Moxxi’s.


The Craw grenade vendor only goes up to level 52 from what I know. Haven’t checked Moxxi’s vendors but will do so soon.

Moxxi’s will go all the way up to 69, but the highest the craw one goes is 52.

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You can farm the vending machines at the Underdome. all level 69 nades.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ve started to farm Moxxi’s vending machine for nades.

It’s a shame the other vending machines don’t scale to the current highest level but it is as it is.

There are others. off the top of my head. The map where you farm Wee Wee Super Booster shield(Tetanus Warren) has them scaled to your level, iirc.

On play thru 2.5 all of vanilla game should be scaled to 69. Almost all of t bone junction however does not. I do know that the ammo vendor by thirstys shack does scale for some reason. At least on ps3 it does.