Vending Machine Legendaries and Chest legendaries

In Borderlands 1, it was a viable means to find cool new gear to surprise you. Quite a bit of legendaries were obtained from weapon vending machines and most often than not, they were not even item of the days and came with multiple legendaries in them at once. It was an awesome way to farm, a useful need for them at end game and not so saturated that it became pointless to farm Craw or, the second part of my topic, chests. Everyone remembers the Armory runs. Those beautiful, bountiful Armory runs. Just take a minute and think back on those sweet memories of getting new Skullmashers, Orions, Hellfires and the Pearls!! Man, top notch content.

Borderlands 2 vending machines holding a legendary was more rare than a recent Nick Cage movie being worth a damn ( Except Mandy- Cheddar Goblin Awesomeness). In 7 years, maybe I saw 5. And that’s stretching it. Granted, I stopped looking in them unless leveling up or getting blue class mods or ammo, so they could have been more than 5 across 7 years but I wouldn’t put money on it. Made money almost pointless end game except for ammo. Borderlands 2 chests were also very low odds at getting a legendary. I saw quite a few over the years but nothing that made me go out of the way to open them. Snowman and Treasure room were a viable way but only because it seemed to be weighted more with a legendary chance and the amount of chests increased your odds. But even still, if you got two from the train or treasure room, it was a fantastic run.
Presequel brought back the vending machine legendaries, making it a viable source for farming, especially with areas that have multiple machines like Concordia. It wasn’t like BL1 where you could get a legendary that was not item of the day but you could still have pretty good odds that you would see something in short order. Now chest on the other hand were just crap. I’m not sure if I ever saw a purple item in a Presequel chest. And for sure the only legendaries that were in chests were guaranteed, like the Morq. I stopped opening chests altogether in that game.
Then we come to Borderlands 3. Has anyone seen a legendary in a vending machine? This is greatly disappointing. I’m not saying it needs to be Borderlands 1 level of legendary procs but with a game touting over 200 unique legendaries, why wouldn’t it be atleast at Presequel levels? This is very frustrating to me. I mean, they have to know how bad it was in Borderlands 2. It just seems weird that they would use the same formula again. Now when it comes to chests, I think they hit the nail on the head here. I’ve gotten legendaries from everything from red chests, white chests, wooden chests, ammo chests, fridges and even those little wooden boxes with the skull on top. I think they got the proc chance perfectly for this and I commend them on their execution.
Having said all this, I guess I’m just a little confused on why vending machines didn’t get the same treatment. I mean, maybe it shouldn’t be like the chests, because then legendaries would become very common and almost less special but that doesn’t mean it needs to be set so low that it becomes Borderlands 2 levels.
Has anyone seen a legendary in a vending machine? I think this would be an awesome way to get class mods especially.
Sorry for the novel. Thanx for reading.

My opinion, and the direction I feel the developers went with in this title, is that the less time spent at vending machines and loot management, the better. That’s it. I’ve already got legendaries coming out my ass anyway. I’m still working on leveling though so I can’t speak to end game legendary drop rates. But still, I don’t want to feel obligated to check vending machines when I don’t need to.

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That’s true and I should probably amend my stance. I dont really have the room for more legendaries and I dont want to vendor farm when I can just hit MM3 and grind for an hour but it would be nice to be pleasantly surprised sometimes with a shiny new legendary when running by a machine. Or when leveling up a new toon. And again, I feel this would be a very good way to get legendary class mods.
But still, I get where your coming from.

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I wouldn’t be opposed to having vendors selling legendaries once more. It’s a lot harder to get the right legendary COM stats in BL3 compared to the previous games. Plus, non-COM legendaries already drop frequently, so I see no harm.

I received the Duc in a trash pile located in the Droughts. I was farming Marcus’ chest , surprised the hell out of me. I believe it’s possible for legendaries to appear anywhere after that. This was on mayhem 1, I had just arrived at level 50 on Zane. Mileage may vary.

Yeah, I love the random places legendaries pop in this game. Seeing that star on the mini map is like hitting a 1 dollar lotto ticket for 2 bucks. Seeing the extra orange aura around it is like hitting a 10 dollar lotto ticket for 20 bucks. Seeing that it’s a non elemental boring gun with an accuracy annoitment after action skill use it like getting one of those fake lotto tickets you see on Americas Home Videos.
But there for a minute, you were really excited.

In Borderlands 2 I got TWO legendaries from the vending machines, I played it for more than 350 hours and used the vending machines for maybe 15-20 hours in total.

Borderlands 3 is way better here. I don’t even count the legendaries from gambling. I guess, I got around 25 legendaries in ~4 hours. Most of them from the Eridium vending machine.
Two days ago I wanted to give Moxxi the money for a gun and pulled the levers once just for fun. BLING! The Eridium machine gave me a Hyperfocus SMG :rofl:

You do have a good point there, in that currently I don’t really look at vendor items because I have all I need. In past games I occasionally bought vendor items for the challenge points and legendaries or customizations. I think you’re right that it would be nice to see a legendary ‘bling’ at you when you open the vendor and would give them more of a point.

Nice! I love that I’m finally getting to find and play with all the best guns that they took the time to design. I never got to try most of the legendary guns from Borderlands 2 that I hear speedrunners and streamers talk about. Now I’m getting and trying magnitudes more guns that I ever did before in recent titles. It’s awesome.

If you are struggling to find gear in this game then you probably aren’t playing it. Because if you were then you know that gold loot is everywhere.

There is no problem here. Got plenty of legendaries of all varieties. This topic is purely showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of farmable sources in the borderlands franchises.