Vending machine UI broken

it never was great but now it’s even worse! instead of scrolling my inventory the friggin machine scrolls! have to go back just to sell vendortrash…

goddamn… why does every damn event have to brake the damn game???


Yeah, it is very frustrating. I have to use my bank or inventory to label things junk and use the x key to sell them.

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Are you both on PC? Is this the issue you’re referring to?

I am on PC

The lag on vendors is so bad on console this is the only safe way I use to sell stuff so I don’t spam the sell button and sell something on accident. I haven sold from the sell tab in forever.

I am on PC same issue, I scroll the items and it bugs out and the machine items scroll or only the first column of items will scroll. Marking everything as junk and using x works so I didn’t bother to report or complain. I figured others would do that and eventually GBX would get it fixed.

If you check the thread I linked to PC Tech Support, you’ll see Noelle’s post that GBX is aware of the issue and working on a fix, but it will have to await an update - it can’t be patched via hotfix.

Not a problem, honestly it was a mild inconvenience until I got into the routine of marking items junk and using x to sell them.

That’s typically how I do it on XB1, unless I’m simply clearing out everything green or white that I picked up for cash.