Vending machines secretly adjusted

So i am trying to do a build for Fl4k that needs the Front Loader shield and started my journey traveling to different locations hitting up machines since we finally have a good source for them. Nope, it seems machines arent as abundant as when they were when issued legendaries. Just an observation i noticed.

In the latest hotfix I think they said they had adjusted the spawn rates of legendaries in vendors.

Yeah i reread the notes but since then it seems lower than then. Was almost a week ago machines had at least 3 per each but none now.

Getting none at all could just be RNG. That said, the drop rates were adjusted Thursday just past: Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [07/30/2020]. So are you comparing pre- or post July 30th hotfix?

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I passed it off as that last night so closed the game out and rebooted. Tried again for over an hour and seems like a different pattern. Its changed but i still see them just at a lower rate.

I’m assuming that since the notes say ‘adjusted’ instead of ‘increased’ that they were lowered a bit compared to the previous week. And RNG being what it is you will get spates of better and worse drops - that’s just the way it works.


You’re right,i could have sworn before yesterday they had more. The way it works in this game is still confusing me.

It’s just bad RNG. I still find 3-4 legendaries in some vending machines and none in others. This is at various levels of play, TVHM, Mayhem, etc. They didn’t adjust the rate very much and there are still loads of legendaries in the machines.

Ok thanks. I think i was expecting more than i got when i started the search but its no biggie. At least they’re in them.

Some seem to have better luck than others. In particular the three in Roland’s Rest have been pretty good for me.

The better solution is to find a boss you can kill quickly and easily on M6 or higher, turn on lootsplosion, and kill them repeatedly. Megamind is a particularly easy one. Killavolt is easy with a Transformer, and Agonizer 9000 is equally easy with a corrosive weapon.

If you have DLC1, the claptrap nest is a great farm and they go down quick. The named enemy just inside Jack’s tower (can’t remember his name) is super quick to kill and happens to be next to vending machines. The bounty hunt targets from DLC3 can also be farmed rather quickly.

Ultimately you’ll get more reward for your effort hitting an easy named boss with lootsplosion than farming vending machines. The higher Mayhem level the better.

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Thats exactly what i am doing. Im at the old lady’s shack in the forest farming for light shows since her machines seem friendly.

Go offline and farm. Your game is patched from 7/23, but the hotfixes since then will not apply.

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@YIPIKIYA I know this isN’t actually responsive to the OP, but if you need a Front Loader, tell me what you’re looking for. I have a bunch and will be glad to send one.

Well since you offered lol. If you have one with a perk that drops a booster that would work. Unless Fl4k uses a better anoint for it i guess they dont matter.

I would assume you would want one with an elemental ASE anointment? That’s what most people want for Fl4k. I have a bunch and will send you one tonight. I am such a hoarder! :rofl:

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Awesome, much appreciated!

This has happened historically when they run these events.

Legendary drop rates from Bosses, Badasses, vending machines, etc, will be extremely low for the next several months.

They do this so the players will focus on playing the events instead of the game and farming for specific legendaries.

This is the primary reason I dislike special events.

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Thank you for the shield, was exactly what i was hunting. With corrosive ase lol. I have a shock grenade ase and with the shield i can strip enemy shields with ease now. If you need anything please let me know, i might have it.

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