Vending Machines w/o quest rewards & legen

I’m LVL 60 Fl4k Mayhem10. I downloaded the hot fix yesterday @3:30 PST. Logged in a couple of times since then.

There aren’t any quest reward items in the Veteran Vending Machines & there aren’t any legendaries in the Gun Vendors. Hotfix is definitely applied.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I hate saying this, but you might need to wait until the Hot Fixes are applied.
The patch alone only fixes certain things. The Loot stuff I believe is in the Hot Fixes. Wait for the Hot Fixes applied sign before launching your character.

I forgot to do this and was wondering why my first two legendary drops came with no anointments.

If this does not work, you might need to try repowering your PS4, or a ticket to 2K support.

Veterans vending machine is part of the update. Not sure on PS4 but on XB1 this bumped the version number to The hotfix added some other stuff; the news display in the bottom left of the main menu should show a date of July 23 if it’s been applied.

I don’t know what the odds of getting a quest reward or legendary are with the new patch, but I don’t think they’re guaranteed every time so you might need to travel away and back or wait out the refresh timer on the IOTD?

So far it seems there will always be at least one Quest reward in the machine, changing after 20 minutes or so.
Not all Quest rewards can come anointed, and most are blues or purples, but the legendary ones do show up occasionally (Red Suit is an example).


Might be, actually. However, it also includes a few non-unique quest rewards (like the guaranteed Masher you get during that one quest on Eden-6).


Thanks for all pf the replies. Frankly, this is absurd.

There are a billion of guns in the game with a bunch of different anointments, and the Veteran and Gun Vending Machines are going to have legendary or quest reward weapons occasionally?

Do the math, the odds of getting something you want are ridiculous. What’s the point of even doing this?
Great idea. Terrible execution.