Vendingmachines are again useles

Again the weapons and shields vendingmachines are completely useles. My character is level 34 and still the vendingmachines towards the end of the game are only selling shields under 2k power and the same is with weapons. So far those vendingmachines are, just like as in the previous bl’s , again only good for decorations.

Has to do with the level of the zone…when you go to sanctuary marcus’s machines are at your level…but when i fought troy i was lvl…38 but the machines in the zone sold lvl 34 stuff so of course it wasn’t any good…

Also i like earl’s veteran shop the most thus far…always some rly nice purple stuff with annointed boost on it…of course once 50 i hear it becomes trivial but hey…the whole game isn’t centered around being lvl 50…

I find these machines useful for additional playthroughs. Was playing with my wife and she found an exceptional lvl 24 purple AR in one only after we reached lvl 29 and she got an anointed from earls machine at her level.

Of course it was lost to the left sock eating bank monster… But she tried to save it for her next lvl 24 char.

Yes, true they are at your level but still extremely weak and that’s my point. Those vending machines are completely useles because they are only selling crap. The only vending machine where I, from time to time, see something interesting is the vendingmachine from crazy earl. Most of my best gear comes from drops or chests.