Vendor trash or god tier?

casual noob, asking for advice:


There is litteraly nothing got about this relic. Of all the possible roll you got maybe the worst in all category. I’ll take a guess on you trolling.

Dude, chill. It’s just a question.

Anyway, if you have a Zane it can be decent with a Lob or Kill O Wisp or other AOE shotguns. I’ts difficult to make for general play on other characters. You can do some sick boss kills with it if you like showing off on YT.


It’s not horrible.

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Elemental projector can be really strong if you play around it, like with spiritual driver amara. The aoe damage is great for any splash weapon. The other two passives are garbo. And the shotgun slide can be good, but usually not worth bothering with. Overall, it’s pretty okay. Not god-tier, not trash. Unless you already have a bunch of perfect rolled relics, I’d hang onto it. At least for the aoe-damage; that’s easily one of the best passives you can get.

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Anarchy shotty gets boosted by AoE, so, this would be good for a cryo and shock dual setup with one. Actually, super good. Because it let’s you get the dots while taking less damage from them.

Unless elemental resistance is about getting less dot.

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When you’re Fl4k and trying to kill a boss with GITM (augment) and the stickies of a bangstick shotgun, slide before reloading while being affected by a DOT corresponding to the element of your bangstick.
But then, most of the time it’s overkill anyway.

“Area of effect” =/= “Splash damage”

Splash damage will boost lob damage
Area of effect will boost annointement and shield causing nova damage

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I was thinking more along the lines of guns you don’t need to aim while sliding, but point taken. I keep forgetting what AoE does.

Wow. This is so inaccurate. Please, don’t give people false information.

Splash damage is boosted by AoE artifact and splash damage com boosts. Novas are considered splash damage