Vengeance Cannon glitch?

I decided to spec into Vengeance Cannon for the first time in months, hoping that it’s damage would be decent with all the laser buffs at Wilhelm’s disposal. I tested my build at the Invincible Sentinel and discovered something odd. Whenever Vengeance Cannon procced, it seemed to increase the accuracy and decrease the recoil on my equipped gun.

The Rosie was surprisingly stable with the Cannon active. Once VC wore off, the Rosie fired at everything but the intended target duing sustained fire. I did some more testing in Concordia and found that it affects other weapons as well. The Quad was very stable under rapid fire and a Vladof Spinigun almost felt like a Hyperion SMG in performance.

Has anyone else experienced this glitch? I don’t remember having it before the patch, but I also didn’t spec into VC much before it as well. Maybe it has been present this entire time. Personally, I think this glitch is quite welcome, considering how lackluster VC is as a capstone.

At that time I had only tested it on lasers, but it works on all guns. Just more so on lasers.

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Its been like that since release. If you look on Youtube, you’ll find some builds were based around it.

Hmm… So this skill actually has a use: making the Rosie usable at range. I wonder what other weapons this might work well with.

Any beam really. AZ, Spadroon, etc…

Also Vladof ARs to less extent, and any weapon (alhough I’m not sure about Jakobs) that has stupid recoil.

I actually discovered this for myself a month ago or so. I made a Jakobs build based around it, having no recoil works brilliant with hipfiring stuff like a Jakobs Gatling Gun.

I’ve been wondering how this glitch would work with Hyperion weapons, especially Old Hyperion. Maybe this glitch takes care of their initial accuracy issues?