Vengeful Deputy Moze - Jakobs Build (WIP)

This build uses point investment and the minesweeper mod take advantage of high pellet count Jakobs weapons, namely shotguns like finger biter, Garcia, etc. This works incredibly well with the Maggie and mashers as well.

Other than the class mod this is not gear dependent. The grenades that drop from crits seem to be going off the damage dealt and the element, so buffing incendiary & accuracy with artifacts helps. Accuracy with shotguns is key to land all your pellets in a tighter spread.

The grenades dropped also seems to be healing thanks to vampyr (so no need to spam grenades unless it is a stick situation.) I look forward to feedback to optimize this them. I have used it on mayhem 3 and it does really well and it is really fun. (Be careful as the 30% reflect modifier will put you down fast).

Edit: you could put points into stainless steel bear vs. means of destruction. Once in a while MoD will proc and you don’t have to reload but auto bear aggro is nice. If you use something like the Garcia MoD will work great, but you will wont keep up time on selfless vengeance.

Guns I’m using:


Have you experimented with a point in Redistribution? I’m thinking pulling it from Drowning in Brass.

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The goal is to keep up time on selfless vengeance and with means of destruction and high pellet counts you proc ammo pretty often. With a single shot gun redistribution is useless, but something like the Garcia does well with it… but you reload way less. If you want ammo regent on a larger mag I think you would be better off going down to click,click and not going into SoT tree at all…but you miss out on good incendiary bonuses

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I found a stage coach with x 21 and it is a power house with this build.

Nice build!
If only that Vladof boosts were Jakobs haha

One thing: Doesnt Drowning in Brass adds more damage than Amored Infantry?

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Yeah I’m playing around with some stuff… the uptime on brass is good damage but you have to build it to get it. Hard to test it though

I’ve also tried this with a blood letter and deathless to get free points in desperate measures… works well but you have to go to the grenade chucking to heal yourself and it’s not my play style. She has so many good gun damage boosting skills and class mods it is ha rd to find the optimal build for Jakob’s shotguns, but I’m like this one a lot.

Yeah, forget about the Deathless/Bloodletter. It forces you into grenade spam and it is becoming boring too soon imo.
Also, the visual polution could be a bad thing for this build.

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@l_gabrielcruz 100% agree. I’m a huge fan boy for Jakobs and wanted to do a good shotgun/deputy build. I’m focused around low mags for the uptime on selfless vengeance for the personal and team buffs hence the “deputy”.

I tried several class mods and the grenade pollution is what lead me to the mind sweeper once I saw the proc’d nades where causing vampyr to proc.

I have added the guns i’m currently using (Would be interested if anyone finds something that works better)

The coach and Maggie are the main weapons i built around, the headsplosion and lead sprinkler are just for some situations and have good synergy with the inherent splash. Got lucky and got a corrosive an ointment with lead sprinkler for bosses like Katagawa ball, warden etc.

Have you tried The Duc on this build yet? I”d be curious to see how much the 30% incendiary bonus effects the stickies.

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Ooooh there is much more than 30 incendiary! And yes the Duc works great! You miss out on some of the “chance” synergy with high pellet counts and this build from short fuse and the Mind Sweeper mod but the high single shot damage makes up for it. You could probably optimize skill points around it better than this build though or even a different mod.