Venom lasts way to long

I have been playing against a lot more melka’s and I have noticed that her venom is busted it does way to much damage and lasts too long its super irritating and confirms so many kills its just not ok. All I want is to just take a couple seconds away from venom.

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It’s fine been hit by it loads of times and 9/10 times I get away easily. The actual venom damage is hardly anything at all as she needs to land other skills or fast melee to really get the most out of it.


How about a big big “NO”?
That would be nerfing the dps of a character that doesn’t need to have it nerfed. And I’m not just talking about the poison damage, since Mellka has several attacks that get their damage boosted against poisoned targets.

Technically, Mellka doesn’t have any burst damage outside of her ulti (which is fairly hard to use compared to lots of ultimates). As Mellka, you get tons of assists rather than kills, especially until level 5/level 8. That’s ebcause her damage isn’t that great, and no good burst to kill the target escaping. Instead, she kills with poison. it’s easily countered by escaping earlier against Mellka than against other characters. Also, characters with a stealth ability are better off not relying too much on it when she’s around, since she’s one of the stealth escape hardcounter in the game. That’s part of her role. And that’s also why , NO, you can’t lower the poiso nduration without
-nerfing her damage
-nerfing her in her role

If you’re running away from her at low life and poisoned, you’re technically dead (except for the save of a support around). Against another character, you would have died before escaping, that’s the only difference. The poison is part of Mellka’s role. It’s part of her dps. It doesn’t confirm lots of kills btw.


No, no lets drop the time her poison lasts… lets up the tick dmg to make-up the difference! Man that would just kick so much ass. Get a bit more of a burst dmg possibility!

This would reduce her utility early game and make her seriously OP past level 8 since basiclaly anything in line of sight can be perma-poisoned easily.
I don’t think Mellka needs to have the difference between early game and late game accentuated.

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Honestly it does very little damage comparatively speaking. Out of all of the Battleborn, Mellka feels like one of the most balanced.

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Mellka is great as is, and might be my favorite character. She’s basically unstoppable in the right hands, but that definitely doesn’t warrant a nerf


This would be perfect

Yeah I know, we are victim yet again of the need for a sarcasm font. I would seriously have no issue with melting faces late game, as it is, once I hit lvl 8 my kill counts jumps up about 3 fold.

So does Mikos poison…?

Miko poison lasts 2 seconds and does a total of 40 damage

Miko is applied with ever hit from her attack melka needs to reload to get the effect

Melka has a helix that applies the dot to every hit, she also has one that extends the duration.

IIRC the extended duration doesn’t affect the overall damage, it simply does less per tick.
The helix that applies the dot with every bullet is level 8. Which means that in most PvP matches (counting the surrender option), Mellka will spend really little time with that helix activated (sometimes not even a second) compared to the overall duration of the match.

I have to agree…too many times in the past few matches with Mellka, her mobility and small hitbox and ability to Poison and dash / super jump made Meltdown overly frustrating where being any of my normal chars would be overly vulnerable to even just minions due to the trolling Mellka DoT’s. I usually play Oscar Mike, Shayne and Caldarius - their AoE / DoT are far inferior to hers and it feels really unfortunate that if it gets you, you better not be engaged with anyone else or it hits like a second adversary due to the damage + time it doesn’t allow a shield regen. I understand its need for her to be as effective as she needs to, but it should be either damage or a lasting effect that buffs her other moves.

Also her jump is too much I was playing a match on temples in capture and the person playing her on the other team used the jump ability and was on top of the spawn point for my team and was killing us from up there I wasn’t sure where to post it