[Vent] Beat the game oh wait never mind Epic Client Reset my game progress again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is a vent post about the consistent issue I keep running into when playing on Epic Client.

Well I just beat Borderlands 3 on my main account (Siren Lvl.40) on the Epic Client and guess what nope I lost everything after I got to Sanctuary and wanted to call it a night I close the game knowing it saved (I saw the indicator) when my friends call me up to play a bit more so I log back in and I’m back at my most recent cloud save which is meeting Typhon DeLeon again. Yup that far back what the hell man I lost everything I had a lot of neat new legendaries but guess they’re just gone I’m just upset of this consistent issue its happened three times during my playthrough of the game the first two weren’t too bad this is the farthest I’ve been set back and I’m having about enough of it fix this issues man I don’t wanna have to worry whenever I quit the game all my progress gets lost again.