Vercuvian ham - a trip to Vercuvia

I want to visit Vercuvia and fight some Vercuvian boars.

Just sayin’


That may actually happen, I could see a dlc about "Typhon Deleon hidden treasure " or something


Vercuvian boars sound big and ferocious. Really tough skin, but weaker if you hit their crit spot, maybe? Like armoured skags you have to shoot in the mouth.
Wonder what other creatures would wonder around the planet of Vercuvia. =]

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Yes, we need a Ham-based DLC.
Though I can’t see any Vercuvian Boars happen, after all the ham is supposed to be synthetic.

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It would have to be in the company of Sir Ham-merlock, though.


If Hammerlock and Wainwright are in it, it’d be a great DLC. =]
Maybe honeymooning on Vercuvia and seeing the sights when you happen to stop by?

The shield is synthetic, but I can’t remember if they ever say Typhon’s one was or not. To be fair, making a sythetic version because the real one is hard to get would make sense, if the boars were that hard to kill.
(Or if they were endangered and you were sent to protect them? Not sure how well that’d fit borderlands, though).

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There’s a ham shield in one of the Dragon Age games. It looks like a giant ham.

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Can we also get some Veruca Salt to play as background music?

Vercuvian ham might not involve pigs. Could be slang like “long pig”.


oh god no, please no, by far the all time worst BL character ever created, well except maybe vaughn

I’m pretty sure it was.

There are also monster hunter games that allow you to craft a battle Ham-mer if you do certain event quests. I’m not 100% sure about Monster Hunter World/Iceborne (mostly because I’m a PC player and the Iceborne DLC only came out today and I won’t get to try it out until Sunday or Monday) but I believe it also has it.

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Have you repressed the memory of Ava?

I would rank them


Ava can be redeemed with a lot of work.

DLC Quest to snag our very own elusive Vercuvian back ham from the source. Kinda like Hammerlock’s big game hunt. Led by Hammerlock and Wainwright. Meet up with Sal and Axton who’ve been together on the hunt all this time for their own Vercuvian Ham. The Vercuvian Boar could be the final boss (Raid Boss?).

I’d be down for that.


Monster hunter games and Phantasy Star Online/Universe had meat weapons mostly as a joke but were still entirely usable in most content.

I remembered after posting that the shield was actually a giant wheel of cheese; the ham was a mace. And they were mighty effective in battle, I might add!

Who could forget Ava? She’s a huge fan of Maya who gets upset about Maya’s death. Then she wrongfully blames someone for it and lashes out. Then Tannis comes along and calmly explains who’s really to blame. Ava learns to accept reason and stops being such an angry child. Good stuff, if a bit underdeveloped.

Really not sure what this has to do with Vercuvian ham. Let’s leave Ava to the Ava threads, eh?