Verification for German Release Planned?

Hi Guys!

I’ve got an important question.
Nice that the new Duke gets only released via download on PS4 because I prefer digital releases.
Unfortunately in this case it is really difficult to get a copy because the original Duke 3D get banned in Germany.
Banned in this case means it is allowed to sell and buy it but not to advertise it.
Because selling it via PS Store counts as a kind of advertising you won’t be able to download it.
If is for youth protection but very annoying for adults like me and my friends!

My question would be now if Gearbox plans to check with the German USK again for age verification?
I’m 100% sure it would be successful because the original Doom or even Gears of War were banned the same way but years after the release and another verification it was approved for official release.
Even Duke Nukem Forever successfully passed the verification years later so I’m sure there is no reason why the old/new Duke 3D should not get the approval.

So please Gearbox take the opportunity to get Duke 3D from the banned list.
Me and my friends would be really happy! Don’t forget your German Duke fans!