Verm farming after hotfix for Solo Players

Hi, I took a long break from BL2 since PS3 days. I got back into it with the PS4 Handsome Collection and noticed the 4player glitch has been patched. I also saw that there was an increased chance for Vermi to spawn in single player. Since I play almost entirely solo, I wanted to know if there has been any documentation to the spawn chance? I remember seeing the old ratio tables back in the day.

Has anyone had any experience solo farming? I went to Caustic Caverns and had 3 ultimate badasses but that is all. I probably reloaded about 30 times or so. Some of the time I’m lucky to even get 2 badasses. I am only farming the first section with the Crystalisks. Is the Natural Selection Annex better? If so which round etc.

I have one Norfleet drop ever, and that was from Hyperious. Pigs also flew that day.

Also, do chances rise in OP levels? I am staying at 72.

Shortly after the hotfix with the increased spawn chance was introduced, I tried to spawn Vermi in the Caustic Caverns by using the aggroed Crystalisks method while playing solo. No second controller or anything. It took a total of 10 hours spread out over three days, but I got it to show up. Killed it and got a fire Norfleet out of it. After that, I tried it again. Once again, I got a varkid to evolve into Vermi in a couple of days (I don’t remember how many hours it took the second time, but it was less than 10 hours this time). Got one of his exclusive heads from the second kill. The chances of varkids evolving into Vermi while in solo gameplay are definitely increased, even though they’re nowhere near what it is when you have four players in the game. It seems to me that the evolution rate has been considerably sped up until the varkids reach the Super Badass stage. After that, it slows down a bit, but still seems higher than before to me.

I’m actually perfectly fine with the current rates for solo gameplay.


Ok, Was this on OP8? Just wondering if UVHM without OP levels is worth it.

This is my experience as well.

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No, OP0. I don’t know if the chances are better on the higher OP levels, but I don’t think they are. I think they only increase from normal to TVHM to UVHM and then remain the same on the OP levels. But I could be wrong about that…

You’re doing better than me Gutonez, I haven’t put in an hour count, but I’ve never gotten Vermi to spawn in solo play (I didn’t play the game as much before the hotfix/patch that changed the four player glitch). I think once per 10 hours isn’t an acceptable rate personally and that it should be much higher for solo play. However, there’s a lot of things that I’d like to see patched in BL2 that just aren’t going to happen likely so there it is. I don’t think OP levels have anything to do with the spawn rate, only the number of players in the game.

Banchi, if you are farming Vermi, lookup the evolution times for the various varkid stages, it’s not actually that long and most people wait longer than they have to, in order to kill off the non evolving ones.

Interestingly, one area I’ve gotten Vermi to spawn (and successfully killed) was in round 3 (I think, maybe it was 4) of the creature slaughter dome because there’s a couple of Ult BA varkids that spawn in and can evolve to Vermi. I had another two friends who were killed at that point and they were able to distract him from the rafters, allowing me an easy kill from the floor once I cleared the other enemies.

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I read somewhere it was round 2 with the ultimate badass. I could be wrong because I’ve never played it. I would assume if it doesn’t take that long to get to that point at least you have a guaranteed Ultimate. I would tend to agree that 10 hours is a little too long, but I understand some people think extreme rarity is a plus. The spawn rate was certainly completely ridiculous when Verm wasn’t guaranteed to drop anything, but now at least the Norfleet has a decent chance.

It is awful to try to spawn. I have done MANY hours, and the only spawn I had disappeared when I ducked under cover.

Without the 4 player glitch farming Vermi is useless.

The problem with raising it higher than it is now, is that single players might start spawning Vermi by accident, when they’re focused on something else, completely alone and unprepared to face him. Also, the initial stages of evolution are already pretty damn aggressive post the hotfix we got. The evolution rate is faster at the first stages and slows down at the later stages. I’m not even sure if you could increase the rate for the later phases without increasing the initial stages along with it. I mean, post the hotfix, the larval varkids start evolving almost instantly and multiple badasses are commonplace now. If you raise it even more, unaware players could very easily get swarmed by Super/Ultimate Badasses very quickly. The suggestion to raise the evolution rates even more comes from players who want Vermi to be easier to farm and it comes completely from an endgame point of view, but it does not consider the effects it could have on a regular first UVHM playthrough or on simply walking through a varkid infested area when you’re not actively trying to spawn Vermivorous.

From my personal experience, 5-8 minutes is more than enough. If in 5 minutes you didn’t get at least an Ultimate Badass, you probably could go ahead and save and quit for a fresh try. Wait about 10 minutes if you got one or two Ultimates. When Vermi is going to show up, you usually don’t have to wait very long for it.

This is why I have been loud and annoying about a 4 player toggle for console players.

Or an optional 6th round for CSD with just Vermi.

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It may well be round 2, it’s been awhile… if you could get him to spawn there and take him down, you could use the second controller/mule/dashboard quitting trick to try to repeatedly spawn him and generate more of his loot… The problem with fighting him in the arena is that there are not a lot of hiding spots and you’ve got other enemies to worry about.

Gutonez and I will just have to disagree on the spawn rates because it’s not likely to change anyway:sunglasses:

I like the idea of a 4 player toggle. A lot of people play solo, I often do because unless I have people I know online, the prevalence of modders and pimpernel glitchers on PSN in random lobbies is just too much to deal with most of the time.

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I saw a video the other day where the Hyperion crate thingy seems to protect pretty well from the Ultimate Badass Varkid. Ill try to check that area out. I agree with a possible difficulty slider. I don’t see how that hurts the game. I understand a glitch is a glitch because it was not intended that way, but Vermi should be more accessible to solo players.

and OOO. The CSD makes Vermi easier to spawn, but there is no solution to OOO.

Lol I just responded to your topic on gfaqs, so I’ll copy/paste my answer:

I spawned him solo a few times recently; got one in Caustic and another right at the end of my Son of Craw fight. It can take a while, so keep at it, especially if you’re only farming the very beginning in Caustic.

You can also try the Annex, I think the guaranteed Ultimate is in the last wave of the second round. (I believe there are also two other Supers that spawn during that round as well, in the earlier waves).

Edit: #1

And #2

Double edit: Triple O definitely still sucks to spawn lol.


Haha you got me… Thanks for the reply. I think I’m going to try the Annex battle and see what happens.

In terms of OOO, I found this video

Has anyone tried this out? This might take some time, but seems pretty legit to do solo. Seems like the guy in the video does not think there is a difference in having multiple players or solo.

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I’ve seen this vid before but I’ve only tried to spawn Dexidious once- when I eventually try it again I’ll keep it in mind…

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I’ve tried spawning OOO at the Dexi spot a few times; never had much luck, but I didn’t know you could just drive away and come back to have them ‘evolve’ again. I just killed everybody as they spawned while waiting for Dex.

I’ve seen him three times total, and they’ve all been in Scylla’s Grove. Now that I know that, this is probably a better way to do it.

There is always a difference if you have multiple players.

Yeah there are quite a few ways to spawn him, either way it takes a long time, and the Twister is not a guaranteed drop.

The last two days playing my solo op8 gunzerker at the first section of the caustic cavern Verimi the invincible has spawned 12 times in about 30 attempts! Resulting in 4 Norfleets (the rest mods and one Nasty surprise grenade mod). Now I have tried countless times before with one spawn, so this is unreal cool…must be a hot fix

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Probably just the current patched in increase in varkid evolution rates and a streak of good luck. They’d warn us about a hotfix and I really doubt Gearbox will ever mess around with Vermi’s spawn chances again. Still, good to hear about your good fortune!