Vermi = carpal tunnel boss

Well, rolled up my sleeves and got to work the past couple of days, seeking a Norfleet. I’m at 72, having completed 3 playthroughs. My routine is to equip my Sham and run to Hyperius’ gate, then back to the fast travel with the 4 player glitch in efffect. I then bounce back and forth between Caustic and the Farmhouse. I make sure I have a lot of space in my backpack and after every pass, I pick up anything of wortthwhile value and sell it. If I don’t die more than once, I actually make money doing this. I can also do this indefinitely without losing the 4-player setting. After quite a few hours of this, I got Vermy to spawn once in each location and killed him both times, but nothing orange.


Well. I just spent the better part of 2 days farming bnk3r to get a couple of Bitches, but couldn’t better my 90% sham. I am making great use of my Proactive Bitch (no element).

If anyone wants my lvl 72 Rightsizing Bitch, let me know.

Am I wrong? I thought they hotfixed Vermi to guarantee a legendary drop. It might be one of his heads or skins, or the junky grenade it drops, but I’m almost certain he’s a guaranteed drop? Maybe the drops disappeared or something?

Third solo vermi spawn and kill and nothing…I can guarantee that there is no guaranteed orange on pc, anyway. The loot did not disappear. Each time i crawled around under him carefully then waited there killing new varkids until his carcass vanished.

Are you sure you had a valid internet connection when you got into the main menu (after the Borderlands 2 logo)? That’s when hotfixes are applied and the Vermivorous fix is not yet part of a patch.

I’ve had a 100% drop rate so far but I am playing on PS3 and PS4 mostly. It’s there for the PC but if it’s not guaranteed it must very high judging from my experience and several others. Not getting anything several times would be extremely unlucky.
Krieg’s Vermy Head isn’t even orange but blue. I doubt that’s what you got in every case though.

I did some tests on the PC and got a few Vermis to spawn. All of them dropped something, mostly Head/Skins (even that blue Krieg Head) and a few Norfleets too. I really don’t know what the problem is other than a screwy internet connection.
Would be nice if there was some message ingame saying that the latest hotfixes have been applied for that session.

I have cloud save off so i could farm different sandhawks. Could that be it? I will try again tonight with it on. I am absolutely sure my connection was live during this latest farm fest.

I really don’t think so but you never know. Maybe taking a quick look at SHiFT (Extras and then SHiFT Code) and seeing if it works correctly would be an idea as that provides those hotfixes.
It honestly really sucks that there’s so much uncertainty about them.

BleackHeartV, how were you able to spawn a few Vermis, much less one? :open_mouth: I can barely get one to spawn when I’m lucky, and then it’ll usually just wander off and disappear (or I’ll die)

And yeah, I’m on Xbox and the two times I’ve managed to spawn and also kill it, it’s dropped a legendary. Small sample size for sure, but I’ve also read somewhere that it should always drop a legendary. What a frustrating nightmare it must be to work so hard to spawn and kill it, only to see it not drop anything.

Hmm. I’ve never gotten borderlands 2 to find Shift. I have a separate shift account, but have no idea how to make the game aware of it. Don’t really care about the golden chests, as I either have all the gear I want, or need to farm or purchase it with seraph crystals.

OK just killed my 4th vermi in 48 hours UVHM level 72, 4 player glitched and he didn’t drop a damn thing. Pfeh.

I’ve farmed Vermivorous quite a lot in the past so I know a few tricks. For this a lower difficulty helps in getting rid of it quickly or weaker varkids for new to arrive.
There are soooooo many in the Caustic Caverns it’s crazy. No need to ever reset the game and lose 4-Player either.

Ok, that is not a good sign. I’d suggest sending a ticket here and I am going to namedrop @Jeffybug, maybe he can help a bit quicker.

Thanks for the replies all. Got is sorted finally. It was a linux-specific problem with paths to ssl certificcates. The installer I used is meant for a certain distribution. My distro has a different path to ssl certs. A simple simlink fixed it.

Managed to register with Shift using my Steam identity and even used a couple of key codes which worked on the Sanctuary Golden Chest. Frankly, it seems to have the same pool as the Hero’s Pass Last Red Chest, without so much cruft, but that red chest is ridiculously easy to farm.

As far as gameplay, I am convinced there are differences. Some enemies are harder, and most of the Ultimate Badass Varkids I kill drop a Quasar. Haven’t seen Vermi yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what she drops for me. Thanks again for the help.

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That’s always good news :slight_smile: Good luck for Vermi and I hope you’ll finally get some good stuff.

5 runs of spycho and i have a neogenator. Gonna respec and try it out. Supposedly can work well with certain axton builds.