Vermi head in Lair of Infinite Agony?

Hi all - I was playing today and had the strangest “drop”. Playing thru Tina’s DLC, I opened one of the small chests that usually only has a single bit of ammo or money. My fingers working too fast for my brain to catch up and take a pic, I watched myself grab Maya’s Vermi head (Kawaii Killer) from the chest. Is this just a totally random drop or have these heads been assigned as super rare in Tina’s levels? Thx.

You were the beneficiary of RNG. The DLC heads/skins got added as rare world drops a while back, along with the community day skins. So you could in theory find one literally anywhere in the game.

He’s not talking about the DLC/Community Day heads and skins, though. He said he found Maya’s exclusive Vermi head in TTAODK (which is weird) inside one of those tiny chests that usually only contain money (which is even weirder). Never seen it happen and never heard anybody else say they had it happen to them. Never heard about Vermi’s exclusive heads being added to the general loot pool either. This is definitely a weird, unprecedented occurrence. It’s either a new rare bug or they added the raid boss exclusive customizations to the general loot pool without telling anyone.

Hmm, I thought I’d read something about the DLC skins/heads too, but you’re right - nothing in the patch notes. Well, except that the Tina heads were added to the dice chests. So unless that had a side effect where there was an EXTREMELY rare chance of special heads popping up as world drop, it is indeed odd.

Woah woah woah. Wait up. I can still get the community day skins legitimately even though I missed the event?

Yep. Just be prepared for a long grind. You could try the Assassins in South Paw Steam & Power, but they’re world drops so anywhere with lots of loot piles and baddies is good.

Thanks for the feedback. I couldn’t recall the rarer heads being added to other areas of the game so it was an absolute shock, especially considering the container it was in. I’d pretty much given up on obtaining Vermi’s heads & skins due to the last update so this was a super nice surprise. Still pissed I couldn’t grab a pic of it though.

A long while back someone posted a pic of one of the Tina Tiny dlc class coms being found in one of those self same tiny boxes, even though they are (to the best of my knowledge) only supposed to drop from mimic chests. This might be an ultra rare ‘Oops’ but it might- MIGHT- be possible…