Vermi Heads and Skins

Hello I am looking for mostly Vermivorous heads and skins to trade or are giving away but I would also like any rare head or skin. I would also accept help on farming Vermivorous but I’ve never gotten him to spawn. If you’re looking for something to trade, I have:

Lvl 61 Sandhawk (Slag, Corrosive, Shock)
Lvl 64 Pitchfork (Slag)
Lvl 62 Stalker (Slag)
Lvl 61 Storm (Shock)
Lvl 61 Lyuda (Fire)
Lvl 61 Bee Shield
Lvl 64 Legendary Nurse Class Mod
Lvl 64 Legendary Hunter Class Mod
Lvl 63 Legendary Catalyst Class Mod
Lvl 61 Legendary Siren Class Mod

If you would like to trade or help me kill Vermi, I would really appreciate it. My PSN is: Sneaky_JF