Vermi Spawns.......dried up

For a while…with the patch…it seemed totally possible to spawn Vermi. And indeed I spawned him several times.

But for the last three nights I have tried several times a night to spawn him…

And I can’t even get a UBA Varkid!

It’s like the game has gone back to it’s old way in this area.

Are you folks having any luck lately???

Might be just Bad RNG…but it just FEELS way different. I used to be able to run the farmhouse 3-4 times a night and at least get an occasional UBA…if not a couple.

lately I am getting zip…

Me too. And I cant even get Badass Varkid.
Like out of 10 larval, only 3-4 will turn into adult. Even with 2 players.

After the hotfix it still took me a total of ten hours spread out over three days of aggroing Varkids to get him to show up. Very few UBAs as well (but almost every time I got one, it evolved into Vermi). My second post-patch Vermi also took a while to show up. What you’re reporting seems pretty consistent with what I’ve experienced right after the hotfix. My guess is that they’ve dramatically increased the evolution rate of Varkids right up until they become Super Badasses. After that, it slows down a bit. At least, that’s what I’ve been noticing. I’ve always had more luck with it in the Caustic Caverns, though. It still feels better than what it used to be before the hotfix, at least to me. I don’t think you’re getting bad RNG now, I think you were getting very good RNG before.