Verminious farming tips

can someone give me tips to farming verminious the invincible as I am all out of ideas

1- Caustic Caverns. Run to the shed near the shore and wait for the varkids to evolve. let them fight the crystaliks and kill any that don’t evolve in a few minutes. If an ultimate badass varkid shows up but doesn’t evolve within 4-5 minutes, kill it, search the loot and leave the area or just quit and save to start over.

2- Tundra Express farmhouse. Start there and wait for the varkids to evolve. Kill any that haven’t evolved in a few minutes (varkid evolution was speed up to make it easier for solo players to try to spawn Vermi). If vermi hasn’t shown by the time buzzards appear kill any that remain for the loot (if you so desire), quit, save and try again. There is a somewhat better chance of spawing Vermiverous if there are at least two or more players so if you have frinds that play, invite them along… As a side note, if you have the Wam Bam Island Headhunter dlc Vermiverous has a chance to spawn during the boss fight against the Son of Crawmerex- good luck with that though…:grinning:

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I don’t want to retype this:

You only need to do the Caustic Caverns part of this.

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If you’re looking for a cheese way of doing this go to the varkid ranch observatory in Tundra express (its the building with the electric wall)

There are plenty of varkid nests around, simply aggro them, kite them inside the building and you’ll have a much easier time waiting around for them to evolve and killing them.

However there a chance that if you do manage to spawn vermi but he gets royally stuck in the building his loot won’t drop properly. The kill is super easy though.

If you’re on PC, get the player slider and set it to 4.

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